Abominable Scale

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Abominable Scale
  • Abominable Scale item sprite
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Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Abominationn (boss) 1-20 100%

The Abominable Scale is a crafting material dropped by the Abominationn. It is used in the creation of various Souls, weapons and True Mutant armor.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Soul of the Tyrant (Fargo's Mod).pngSoul of the Tyrant (With Calamity)
Draedon's Forge (Fargo's Mod).pngDraedon's Forge

Soul of Yggdrasil (Fargo's Mod).pngSoul of Yggdrasil (With Thorium)
Crucible of the Cosmos (Fargo's Mod).pngCrucible of the Cosmos
Soul of Dimensions (Fargo's Mod).gifSoul of Dimensions
Soul of the Siblings (Fargo's Mod).pngSoul of the Siblings
Soul of Terraria (Fargo's Mod).gifSoul of Terraria
Soul of the Universe (Fargo's Mod).gifSoul of the Universe
True Mutant Head (Fargo's Mod).pngTrue Mutant Head
True Mutant Body (Fargo's Mod).pngTrue Mutant Body
True Mutant Pants (Fargo's Mod).pngTrue Mutant Pants
Abominationn Voodoo Doll (Fargo's Mod).pngAbominationn Voodoo Doll (5)
The Blender (Fargo's Mod).pngThe Blender
Destroyer Gun EX (Fargo's Mod).pngDestroyer Gun EX
The Landslide (Fargo's Mod).pngThe Landslide
Hell Zone (Fargo's Mod).pngHell Zone
Optic Staff EX (Fargo's Mod).pngOptic Staff EX

History[edit | edit source]

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