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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
  • Berserked
EffectsConstantly use currently equipped item
Cannot switch from equipped item
TooltipYou cannot control yourself

Berserked is a Eternity Mode exclusive debuff inflicted by certain enemies. It causes the player to constantly use their currently equipped weapon until the duration expires. All other items cannot be used until the duration expires (aside from those that are hotkey-bound).

The player can become immune to Berserked by equipping the Agitating Lens or its upgrades.

If the player is using a mana weapon while under the effects of this debuff, mana will not regenerate.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From NPCs[edit | edit source]

From Duration
Eye of CthulhuEye of Cthulhu 5 seconds (Contact)
2 seconds (Scythes)
Servant of CthulhuServant of Cthulhu
(Eye of Cthulhu)
2 seconds
Wandering EyeWandering Eye 5 seconds (Contact)
3 seconds (Scythes)
WerewolfWerewolf Infinite (Aura)
Corrupt MimicCorrupt Mimic 5 seconds
Crimson MimicCrimson Mimic 5 seconds
Hallowed MimicHallowed Mimic 5 seconds
Jungle MimicJungle Mimic 5 seconds
ButcherButcher 10 seconds
Milkyway WeaverMilkyway Weaver 5 seconds
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