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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Bloodthirsty (Fargo's Mod).png
Type Debuff
Effects Boosts spawn rates and max spawns by 20x
Tooltip Hugely increased enemy spawn rate

Bloodthirsty is a Eternity Mode exclusive debuff inflicted by certain enemies. It massively boosts both the spawn rate and the max amount of enemy spawns.

The player can become immune to Bloodthirsty by equipping the Gutted Heart or its upgrades.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From NPCs[edit | edit source]

From Duration
Blood Zombie.pngBlood Zombie 4 seconds
Crimslime.pngCrimslime 5 seconds
Giant Flying Fox.pngGiant Flying Fox 5 seconds
Blue Armored Bones.pngBlue Armored Bones 3 seconds
Rusty Armored Bones.pngRusty Armored Bones 3 seconds
Hell Armored Bones.pngHell Armored Bones 3 seconds
Lihzahrd.pngLihzahrd 2 seconds
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