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Upon activating Eternity Mode, all vanilla bosses will have new recolored sprites, inspired by existing enemies in Terraria, as well as references to other media. For example, the recolored Queen Bee is a reference to her early concept art sprite, while the recolored Skeletron is a reference to the Lich boss from Enter the Gungeon.

The recolors can be disabled if Eternity Mode is disabled, or the recolor configuration option is set to false.

In addition to modified existing bosses, Eternity Mode drastically increases the power of bosses introduced by Fargo's Souls Mod. Details on the changes for each boss can be seen on their respective pages.

Fargo's Mod/King Slime (Eternity Mode)King Slime[edit | edit source]

King Slime (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode King Slime is based on Rainbow Slimes.

  • Drops Slimy Crown when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Inflicts Slimed
  • Rains slime balls from the sky directed at the player whenever it lands from a jump
  • Will jump higher and shoot a spread of spikes if the player is above it
  • Below half health, causes an even spread spikes to rain that take up a large area
  • Enrages if the player spends more than 15 seconds completely above it and starts to constantly spray spikes and slime balls at the player. King Slime will un-enrage once the player returns to its elevation
  • May spawn on the surface during Slime Rain after Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu is defeated
    • May spawn on the surface during the day in hardmode and has an increased spawn rate during Slime Rain

Fargo's Mod/Eye of Cthulhu (Eternity Mode)Eye of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

Eye of Cthulhu (Fargo's Mod).png Eye of Cthulhu 2 (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Eye of Cthulhu is based on True Eye of Cthulhu.

  • Drops Eye That Could Be Seen As Suspicious when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • All attacks inflict Berserked, Obstructed, and Curse of the Moon
  • Expert mode chain dashes emit accelerating sickles
  • Teleports behind you
  • Servants of Cthulhu have 60 HP and are much faster
  • Enters phase 3 under 6% HP. In phase 3, teleports to one of the corners around the player, then does extremely fast zigzag dashes
  • May spawn on the surface at night after Skeletron is defeated and has an increased spawn rate during Blood Moon

Fargo's Mod/Eater of Worlds (Eternity Mode)Eater of Worlds[edit | edit source]

Eater of Worlds (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Eater of Worlds is based on the Brain of Cthulhu.

  • Drops Wormy Food when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Inflicts Rotting and Cursed Inferno on contact
  • Vile Spit inflicts Rotting
  • Body and tail damage increased to 40 and 34, respectively
  • All heads breathe Cursed Flames
  • Periodically fires a barrage of self-redirecting cursed fireballs from several segments
  • Has a coordinated flying u-turn attack, where all head segments will dash upwards at the same time
    • During this attack, all segements are immune to knockback and take 1 damage from all sources
  • May spawn in the Corruption after Skeletron is defeated

Fargo's Mod/Brain of Cthulhu (Eternity Mode)Brain of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

Brain of Cthulhu (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Brain of Cthulhu is based on the Eater of Worlds.

  • Drops Red Stained Spine when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Has 2125 Life
  • Inflicts Poisoned, Darkness, Bleeding, Slow, Weak, and Broken Armor
  • Immune to debuffs and illusions appear on the minimap
  • Periodically inflicts Confused and shoots accelerating laser bursts in phase 2
  • Summons a shadow clone to also attack the player in phase 2
  • Spams harmless, purely visual illusions around the screen in phase 2
  • Creepers have 250 life, shoot ichor shots, and inflict Poisoned, Darkness, Bleeding, Slow, Weak, and Broken Armor.
    • The ichor shots from the creepers have unique behavior compared to normal ichor streams; they accelerate, slightly home, deaccelerate, and repeat. As more creepers die, the ichor shots are shot more rapidly.
  • May spawn in the Crimson after Skeletron is defeated

Fargo's Mod/Queen Bee (Eternity Mode)Queen Bee[edit | edit source]

Queen Bee (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Queen Bee is based on its early concept art.

  • Drops A Bee In My Nation when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Inflicts Infested and Swarming
  • Spawns Hornets along with Bees
  • Periodically shoots rings of stingers
  • At 66% HP, spawns a Royal Subject - a smaller Queen Bee with lower max life that only dashes
  • While Royal Subjects are alive, no longer dashes doesn't spawn bees and has 50% damage reduction
  • Under 50% HP, stops shooting rings of stingers, throws hives that burst into bees and hornets (throws them faster if no Royal Subjects are alive), and gains the ability to spray homing bees that force you to stay either above or below her
  • At 33% HP, spawns two Royal Subjects
  • May spawn in the Jungle in hardmode

Fargo's Mod/Skeletron (Eternity Mode)Skeletron[edit | edit source]

Skeletron (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Skeletron is based on the Lich from Enter the Gungeon.

  • Drops Suspicious Skull when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Inflicts Lethargic and Defenseless
  • Hands inflict Dazed and Lethargic
  • Skull projectiles may inflict Cursed
  • Sprays rings of bones which inflict Lethargic while spinning, bone velocity increases as life decreases
  • Telegraphs spinning with a targeting reticle and fires diagonal walls of guardians when it spins
  • Enters phase 2 at 75% health. In phase 2:
    • Shoots spreads of homing Baby Guardians when spinning
    • Shoots extremely wide spreads of Baby Guardians when not spinning
  • When initially killed, recovers to 50 life and enters Dungeon Guardian state, having a brief startup where it slowly accelerates until full speed
  • May spawn in the Dungeon at night during hardmode

Fargo's Mod/Wall of Flesh (Eternity Mode)Wall of Flesh[edit | edit source]

Wall of Flesh (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Wall of Flesh is based on The Hallow.

  • Drops Fleshy Doll when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Has 16800 life
  • Inflicts Burning and Unstable
  • Inflicts The Tongue on players that run too far away
  • Mouth has 1206 defense
  • Eyes fire a tile-piercing Divine Deathray that inflicts Flipped and Confused
  • One eye is always invulnerable, alternating every 9 seconds
  • Enters phase 2 below 50% life. In phase 2, it alternates between spewing ichor down the arena and firing jets of cursed inferno back up the arena
  • Lasers ignore tiles
  • Lasers and ichor inflict On Fire!
  • The Hungry go through blocks while flying
  • The Hungry inflict Crippled
  • If no players are nearby, moves insanely fast to quickly traverse the Underworld and despawn
  • Enters Phase 3 below 10%% life, while in Phase 3:
    • Stops firing regular lasers entirely
    • Shoots deathrays much more quickly
    • World evil attacks are twice as fast

Fargo's Mod/The Twins (Eternity Mode) Fargo's Mod/The Twins (Eternity Mode)The Twins[edit | edit source]

The Twins The Twins

The recolored sprite for the Eternity Mode Twins is based on Dark Matter from Kirby

  • Drops Some Kind of Metallic Eye when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Spawn in phase 2
  • Retinazer has 36000 life
  • Retinazer lasers accelerate and inflict Ichor
  • Enter phase 3 at 50% life. In phase 3:
    • Spazmatism moves at 110% speed
    • Spazmatism breathes cursed flames while charging when Retinazer is in normal AI
    • Retinazer periodically stops in place and fires a deathray in a full circle. This deathray inflicts Burning
    • Spazmatism spins beside Retinazer while firing a wheel of cursed flames when Retinazer is deathray spinning
    • Retinazer gains a reverse aura of Burning
      • The size of this aura greatly decreases during the spinning deathray attack
  • When one of the Twins are are brought to 1 life, they become invulnerable and begin shooting dark stars. They become vulnerable when both Twins are at 1 life
  • May spawn on the surface at night post-Plantera, however this way only one of them will spawn

Fargo's Mod/The Destroyer (Eternity Mode)The Destroyer[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer (Fargo's Mod).png
  • Drops Some Kind of Metallic Worm when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Most attacks inflict Electrified
  • Contact with the boss inflicts Lightning Rod
  • Lasers are fired more accurately at the player and speed changes with the distance from segments
  • Body segments with dim lights shoot spreads of Dark Stars that have similar behavior to the Ichor shots in the Eternity Mode Brain of Cthulhu fight. The rate of fire increases as life decreases
  • Enters phase 2 at 75% life, gaining the ability to fly, coil, and increased speed as life decreases
    • While coiling, it fires inward accelerating lasers and occasionally 3 Dark Stars. It also takes 1 damage from all sources. The amount of lasers in coil increases as life decreases, and the time between each Dark Star shot in coil decreases as well
  • At 10% life, performs a coil that never ends while firing an extremely rapid stream of homing Dark Stars. It starts at 100% damage reduction, which decays over time to 50% as the attack continues
  • Probes have 450 life, circle and don't attempt to damage the player, and never drop hearts
  • May spawn on the surface at night post-Plantera

Fargo's Mod/Skeletron Prime (Eternity Mode)Skeletron Prime[edit | edit source]

Skeletron Prime (Fargo's Mod).png
  • Drops Some Kind of Metallic Skull when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Has 63000 life
  • Head inflicts Defenseless and shoots bursts of rockets that inflict Dazed and Defenseless
  • Immune to traps
  • Limbs are completely immune to damage
  • Prime Cannon shoots cannonballs more frequently and periodically shoots Dark Stars
  • Cannonballs can hurt the player while airborne and inflict Defenseless
  • Prime Laser shoots a spread of lasers with better accuracy
  • All attacks inflict Nano Injection
  • Telegraphs spinning with a targeting reticle and in phase 1 only, fires walls of guardians when it spins
  • Enters phase 2 at 75% life. In phase 2:
    • Gains four additional limbs that attack by swiping diagonally
    • Alternates between using Vice/Saw and Laser/Cannon arms outside of spinning. Only 2 arms will attack at once
    • Prime Vice swings down at the player while Prime Saw quickly stabs from the sides
    • Prime Laser alternates between 2 spreads of lasers around the player and 1 spread aimed directly at them
    • Skeletron Prime moves faster overall and becomes much faster when spinning
    • Shoots rings of dark stars instead of rockets while spinning
    • Main limbs will stretch out and spin when Prime spins in phase 2, they can reach out further if you escape the circle
  • When brought to zero life, regains 100 more life, loses all limbs, and enters Dungeon Guardian mode
  • May spawn on the surface at night post-Plantera

Fargo's Mod/Plantera (Eternity Mode)Plantera[edit | edit source]

Plantera (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Plantera is based on Glowing Mushrooms.

  • Drops Plantera's Fruit when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Has 52500 life
  • Inflicts Poisoned, Ivy Venom, and Infested with all attacks. Extends duration of Ivy Venom when player is already affected
  • If Ivy Venom duration exceeds 20 seconds, transfers its entire duration to Infested, killing the player extremely quickly
  • Is always protected by a barrier of Crystal Leaves that destroy any non-minion projectiles
  • Hooks deal no contact damage
  • In phase 2:
    • Spreads Dicer Mines around the arena
    • Plantera’s Hooks track the player very aggressively
    • Gains drastically increased defense, speed, and continues shooting seeds and spiky balls while player is envenomed
    • Spawns an additional ring of Crystal Leaves that do not shoot, but spiral in and out
  • Tentacles actively try to avoid the player
  • Has 75% damage resistance against Fetid Baghnakhs
  • May spawn in the underground Jungle post-Golem

Fargo's Mod/Golem (Eternity Mode)Golem[edit | edit source]

Golem (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Golem is based on Sans from Undertale.

  • Drops Lihzahrdy Power Cell when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Body has 10% Damage Resistance, 40500 life and inflicts Broken Armor and Marked for Death
  • Immune to traps
  • Regenerates 180 life per second
  • Attacks inflict Defenseless, Broken Armor, and Withered Armor
  • Fists regenerate 9999 life per second, are much larger, and destroy non-minion projectiles on contact
  • Eye Beams accelerate
  • Flying Head moves more quickly and periodically sweeps a deathray across the floor, then does a spray of lasers
  • No longer fires bouncy fireballs in phase 2
  • Stomps alternate between causing geysers to erupt from the ceiling and the ground and causing bouncy boulders to rain from above
  • Passively inflicts Low Ground
  • When outside the Jungle Temple:
    • Body moves much faster
    • Body sprays more spiky balls with greater speed
    • Fists create explosions
    • Stomps always create both geysers and boulders
    • Body scatters spiky balls
    • Fire attacks inflict Burning

Fargo's Mod/Betsy (Eternity Mode)Betsy[edit | edit source]

Betsy (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Betsy is based on the Ender Dragon from Minecraft.

  • Drops Dragon's Egg when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Inflicts Withered Armor and Withered Weapon with all attacks
  • Inflicts Mutant Nibble on contact
  • Inflicts On Fire! and Burning with fire attacks
  • Shoots a circular barrage of Sky Dragon Fury blasts that inflict Electrified when roaring
    • These blasts turn into slow moving, lingering electric fields after a set distance. If the player is outside the ring of electric fields, they spam even more blasts
  • Sprays much more fire during flame breath attack
  • Rains down several homing Phantom Phoenixes during fireball attack
  • Has a phase 2 at 50% life. In phase 2:
    • Shoots three circular barrages of Sky Dragon Fury blasts instead of just one
    • Sprays more fire during flame breath
    • Rains down even more Phantom Phoenixes during fireball attack
  • May spawn in Underworld after being defeated

Fargo's Mod/Duke Fishron (Eternity Mode)Duke Fishron[edit | edit source]

Duke Fishron (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Duke Fishron is based on the Pigron mount.

  • Drops Truffly Worm when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Always moves 25% faster
  • All attacks inflict Oceanic Maul
    • Attacks reduced max life by 10 per hit, 50 on direct contact
  • Inflicts Defenseless, Feral Bite, and Mutant Nibble
  • Sharkrons inflict Defenseless and Mutant Nibble
  • Detonating Bubbles are immune to Inferno Potion
  • Summons 2 lesser Fishrons when blowing bubbles in phase 1
    • Lesser Fishrons spawn around the player and dash once then explode into gores
  • Creates a ring of Razorblade Typhoons when summoning Sharknados
  • Sharkrons have increased defensive stats and are immune to On Fire
  • Regenerates to 100% life and is invulnerable while entering phase 2
  • Cthulunados have a small delay before properly spawning
  • Creates 4 rings of Razorblade Typhoons while spinning and spawning bubbles in phase 2, two fast rings and two slow rings
  • Spawns 6 lesser Fishrons with every Cthulhunado in phase 2
  • Regenerates to 33% life and becomes immune to debuffs while entering phase 3
    • All Sharkrons, Sharknados, and Cthulhunados despawn while entering phase 3
  • Increased damage but loses all defense in phase 3
  • Cannot be killed before entering phase 3
  • Has 2 trails of indestructible bubbles with every dash
  • Creates rings of Razorblade Typhoon with each teleport in phase 3
  • Enrage is amplified and attacks extremely aggressively outside Ocean
  • May spawn in the Ocean after being defeated

Fargo's Mod/Lunatic Cultist (Eternity Mode)Lunatic Cultist[edit | edit source]

Lunatic Cultist (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Lunatic Cultist is based on the Solar Cultist set.

  • Drops Zealot's Possession when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Has 60000 life
  • Inflicts permanent Chaos State throughout the fight
  • Removed contact damage from Cultist himself
  • Summoning ritual produces an arena of Phantasmal Eyes that inflict Curse of the Moon and prevent escape
  • Reworked rituals:
    • The player is now in the middle of the ritual while the cultists circle and track the player
    • The arena is respawned whenever a ritual starts and keeps moving with the player until the ritual is over
    • Both the Phantasm Dragon and Ancient Vision are spawned if the player does not choose the correct cultist
    • Cultist clones do not disappear even if the correct cultist is chosen
  • Cultist Clones have new supporting attacks based on Lunatic Cultist's attack
    • Homing fireballs support is Solar Fragments shot by each clone
    • Ice Mist support is Frost Waves shot by each clone
    • Lightning orb support is a bolt of lightning shot by each clone
    • Ancient Light support is a rain of Flow Invader shots
    • Ancient Doom support is nebula spheres shot by each clone
  • Phantasmal Dragon inflicts Curse of the Moon, Clipped Wings, and Mutant Nibble
  • Ancient Doom has 2500 life, spins about as it spawns in, doesn't deal contact damage, and inflicts Marked for Death
  • Ancient Light inflicts Purified
  • Lightning Orb inflicts Lightning Rod
  • Lightning Bolts inflict Electrified
  • Ice Mist inflicts Frozen and Chilled
  • Fireball inflicts On Fire!
  • Enters phase 2 at 50% HP. In phase 2:
    • Cultists spin around the player faster
    • Shoots a slow-moving ring of fireballs instead of fast homing ones. No Solar Fragment support in phase 2
    • Lightning orb support is vortex portals that hover above the player and rain down bolts
    • Ice Mist support is an extremely fast burst of Frost Waves on both sides of the player
    • Ritual also summons a Celestial Pillar that Lunatic Cultist slam dunks on the player. The pillar is selected based on how much damage he has taken from each class throughout the fight. On hit, the pillar inflicts Stunned, Marked for Death, launches the player back even if they have knockback immunity, and applies the debuff that seals its corresponding damage type. The pillar explodes into Celestial Fragments that inflict the class-sealing debuff (Atrophied, Jammed, Reverse Mana Flow, or Antisocial) and Hexed. More celestial fragments are spawned if the wrong cultist is chosen in the ritual
  • May spawn in the Dungeon after being defeated

Fargo's Mod/Moon Lord (Eternity Mode)Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Moon Lord (Fargo's Mod).png

The recolored sprite for Eternity Mode Moon Lord is based on the Sun Lord from the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki.

  • Drops Celestially Sigil when spawned if it has not yet been defeated
  • Passively inflicts Nullification Curse, granting him immunity to all attacks that do not belong to a specific damage type. This weakness changes periodically and is indicated by rings of fragments of their respective class that count down
  • Produces an arena of Phantasmal Eyes that prevents escape
  • Head has halved life
  • Core has 50% damage reduction against all attacks
  • Inflicts Curse of the Moon with all attacks
  • Phantasmal Spheres accelerate instead of starting at full speed, have a trajectory telegraph, and cannot damage the player while spawning in
  • Phantasmal Bolts are now fired in wide spreads, accelerate, and have slight homing
  • Phantasmal Eye homing is much worse
  • Moves a lot slower
  • Removed contact damage entirely
  • True Eyes are always synchronized and attack slower until core is exposed
  • Has additional attacks dependent on its current vulnerability:
    • Melee: Shoots sprays of fireballs from each socket
    • Ranged: Rains down a storm of lightning from above
    • Magic: Shoots spreads of Nebula Blazes from each socket
    • Summon: Shoots Ancient Lights from each socket
    • All: Shoots Phantasmal Sphere Rings from heart
  • Vulnerability changes faster when core is exposed
  • Once core is exposed, discards previous attacks and uses new ones:
    • Melee: Generates massive suns and throws them down, creating colossal chain explosions on impact
    • Ranged: Protects its core with a vortex that sucks in other projectiles and retaliates by shooting lightning
    • Magic: Shoots Nebula Blazes that bounce around the arena
    • Summon: Fires deathrays from its sockets and core around the player, limiting movement
    • All: Shrinks the arena drastically
  • Drops more Luminite
  • May spawn in space after being defeated
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