Living Wasteland

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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Living Wasteland
  • Living Wasteland
Effects-2 health per second
-10% damage
-100 max life
-10 defense
Creates aura around player, inflicts Rotting to all friendly NPCs within
TooltipEveryone around you turns to rot

Living Wasteland is a Eternity Mode exclusive debuff inflicted by certain enemies. It creates an aura around the player which deals low damage over time and also inflicts Rotting on to all friendly NPCs within. In addition, it decreases all damage by 10%, max life by 100 and defense by 10.

The player can become immune to Living Wasteland by equipping the Pumpking's Cape or its upgrades.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From NPCs[edit | edit source]

From Duration
Flying DutchmanFlying Dutchman 10 seconds
PumpkingPumpking 15 seconds
Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman 10 seconds
Goblin PeonGoblin Peon
10 seconds
Goblin ThiefGoblin Thief
10 seconds
Goblin WarriorGoblin Warrior
10 seconds
Goblin ArcherGoblin Archer
10 seconds
Goblin SorcererGoblin Sorcerer
10 seconds
Goblin SummonerGoblin Summoner
10 seconds
WraithWraith 10 seconds
Pirate CorsairPirate Corsair 10 seconds
Pirate DeckhandPirate Deckhand 10 seconds
Pirate DeadeyePirate Deadeye 10 seconds
Pirate CrossbowerPirate Crossbower 10 seconds
ParrotParrot 10 seconds
Pirate CaptainPirate Captain 10 seconds
Dr. Man FlyDr. Man Fly 10 seconds (Flasks on death)
ReaperReaper 15 seconds
Martian OfficerMartian Officer 10 seconds
Martian EngineerMartian Engineer 10 seconds
GigazapperGigazapper 10 seconds
Ray GunnerRay Gunner 10 seconds
Brain ScramblerBrain Scrambler 10 seconds
Scutlix GunnerScutlix Gunner 10 seconds
ScutlixScutlix 10 seconds
Martian DroneMartian Drone 10 seconds
Martian WalkerMartian Walker 10 seconds
Tesla TurretTesla Turret 10 seconds
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