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Forgotten Mod v0.0.2.3[edit | edit source]


Luminous Crystal - max stack changed from 999 to 99

Small Lightning - max stack changed from 999 to 99, increased drop chance from 2% to 5%

Purple Gem Chestplate - now increases librarian damage by 8% instead 5% and librarian critical chance by 3%

Cerium Suit - now increases librarian damage by 2% instead 3%

Cerium Leggings - now increases librarian damage by 1% instead 2%

Lost Page - now increases librarian damage by 5% instead 8%

Night Fury - damage decreased from 8 to 6

Moon Bite - damage decreased from 11 to 10, use time decreased from 20 to 18

Cerium Armor - Set bonus now little increases focus regen rate

Purple Gem Armor - Set bonus now increases maximum Focus by 25

Purple Gem Leggings - increases librarian damage by 4%

Purple Gem Hat - increases also librarian damage by 3%

The Mind - shoots two times projectiles on one use

Deleted Prince Slime

The librarian's weapons now consume new resource - Focus


Amber Chain, Focusing Stone, Focusing Rune, Focusing Charm

Forgotten Mod v0.0.2.2[edit | edit source]


Cerium Armor - changed stats

Cerium Ore - changed spawning

Little changed Cerium Wand, Pumpkin Blade sprites


Purple Gem Armor, Luminous Crystal, Small Lightning, Stormbringer

Forgotten Mod v0.0.2.1[edit | edit source]


Cerium Ore - changed price

Cerium Bar - changed price

Mirror Trinity - added right click attack

Lost Page - now increase Librarian damage by 8%, resprite

Overhauled librarian system and now increasing magic damage do not increase librarian damage.

Deleted Core of the Jungle


Pumpkin Axe, Librarian Emblem, Cerium Armor

Forgotten Mod v0.0.2.0[edit | edit source]


Cerium Wand - damage increased from 15 to 18, mana cost decreased from 8 to 6, use time decreased from 40 to 36

Living Coral - damage increased from 13 to 15, use time decreased from 26 to 25, mana cost increased from 3 to 5

Leaf Tail - mana cost decreased from 6 to 5

Cerium Bow (Glass Bow) - damage decreased from 10 to 8

Night Fury - stats changed to pre-boss, changed recipe

Moon Bite - stats changed to post-boss, changed recipe

True Slash - changed recipe

Nature - changed recipe

Cerium Pickaxe - use time decreased from 17 to 13

Resprited: Shard Sword, Cerium Pickaxe (Glass Pickaxe), Cerium Wand (Glass Wand), Spider Bite,

Cerium Bow (Glass Bow), Cerium Hamaxe (Glass Hamaxe)

Deleted Dragon Breath, Demonite Trident and Glass Shard, but items crafted from it changed to Cerium stuff

Little changed icon


Lost Page, Shackle of Regeneration, Cerium Ore, Pure Pike, Pumpkin Blade, Pumpkin Pickaxe, Pumpkin Madness

Forgotten Mod v0.0.1.6[edit | edit source]


Dragon's Breath - damage increased from 27 to 29, use time increased from 30 to 31

Mirror Trinity - damage decreased from 10 to 9

Mirror Slime - little more chance to spawn

The librarian's translation error has been corrected


Prince Slime, Living Coral

Forgotten Mod v0.0.1.5[edit | edit source]


The Mind - Totally reworked all weapon system and projectiles, damage decreased from 209 to 140

Mirror Trinity - can be obtained only from Mirror Slime

Glass Slime - no longer drop Glass shards


Mirror Slime, Dragon's Breath

Forgotten Mod v0.0.1.4[edit | edit source]


Librarian subclass changed to new class,

Increasing magic damage also increase librarian damage

Forgotten Mod v0.0.1.3[edit | edit source]


Crimson Wrath - new shoot system, damage decreased from 18 to 17, increased shootspeed from 6 to 7.5

Night Fury - damage increased from 42 to 45

Moon Bite - damage increased from 66 to 71

Burning Tome use time increased from 28 to 33

Sawdust - is no longer automatic

Mirror Trinity - use time increased from 26 to 28

True Seedler - damage decreased from 60 to 55, always shoot three without of two coffee beans,

Nature - increased damage from 105 to 120


Glass Slime

Forgotten Mod v0.0.1.2[edit | edit source]


Skull Burst - damage increased from 22 to 23

Corruption Eruption - mana cost increased from 6 to 7, shoot speed decreased from 8.75 to 8.25

The Mind - use time increased from 5 to 7

Crimson Wrath - damage decreased from 19 to 18

Leaf Tail - damage decreased from 15 to 14

Light Slash - use time decreased from 32 to 30

True Slash - use time decreased from 30 to 26

Burning Tome - damage increased from 35 to 38 and shootspeed from 6.75 to 7

Slash - Projectile from Light Slash and True Slash have more piercing


Mirror Trinity