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GRealm adds many new enemies to Terraria to make your world more lively

Enemies[edit | edit source]

File:Abyssium Golem (GRealm).pngAbyssium Golem (with Ancients Awakened) Alpha Flinx (GRealm).pngAlpha Flinx File:Ancient Dragon Skull (GRealm).pngAncient Dragon Skull
File:Blood Leech (GRealm).pngBlood Leech File:Chloroghast (GRealm).pngChloroghast File:Copper Golem (GRealm).pngCopper Golem
File:Dusty Grit (GRealm).pngDusty Grit File:Earthen Golem (GRealm).pngEarthen Golem File:Ent Wraith (GRealm).pngEnt Wraith
File:Furrower (GRealm).pngFurrower File:Gold Golem (GRealm).pngGold Golem File:Incinerite Golem (GRealm).pngIncinerite Golem (with Ancients Awakened)
File:Inferno Trencher (GRealm).pngInferno Trencher (with Ancients Awakened) File:Iron Golem (GRealm).pngIron Golem File:Lead Golem (GRealm).pngLead Golem
File:Mantid (GRealm).pngMantid File:Mire Leech (GRealm).pngMire Leech (with Ancients Awakened) File:Myconoid (GRealm).pngMyconoid
File:Platinum Golem (GRealm).pngPlatinum Golem File:Silver Golem (GRealm).pngSilver Golem File:Stone Golem (GRealm).pngStone Golem
File:Tin Golem (GRealm).pngTin Golem File:Tree Spirit (GRealm).pngTree Spirit File:Trencher (GRealm).pngTrencher
File:Tungsten Golem (GRealm).pngTungsten Golem

Horde Enemies[edit | edit source]

Backbone Undead (GRealm).pngBackbone Undead Beekeeper (GRealm).pngBeekeeper Bone Knight (GRealm).pngBone Knight
Bone Warrior (GRealm).pngBone Warrior Bowman Zombie (GRealm).pngBowman Zombie Cold Caster (GRealm).pngCold Caster
Corrupt Caster (GRealm).pngCorrupt Caster Crawler (GRealm).pngCrawler Crim Caster (GRealm).pngCrim Caster
Crude Caster (GRealm).pngCrude Caster Crystal Mage (GRealm).pngCrystal Mage Cursed Mage (GRealm).pngCursed Mage
Eyemaster (GRealm).pngEyemaster Eyerider (GRealm).pngEyerider Fitness Zombie (GRealm).pngFitness Zombie
Floaty Zombie (GRealm).pngFloaty Zombie Frozen Mage (GRealm).pngFrozen Mage Gardener (GRealm).pngGardener
Grenader Zombie (GRealm).pngGrenader Zombie Gundead (GRealm).pngGundead File:Hollow Husk.pngHollow Husk
Ichor Mage (GRealm).pngIchor Mage Maggot Zombie (GRealm).pngMaggot Zombie Rusty Undead (GRealm).pngRusty Undead
Sandswept Zombie (GRealm).pngSandswept Zombie Shattered Undead (GRealm).pngShattered Undead Torch Zombie (GRealm).pngTorch Zombie
Undead (GRealm).pngUndead Undead Nebulite (GRealm).pngUndead Nebulite Undead Solarite (GRealm).pngUndead Solarite
Undead Stardite (GRealm).pngUndead Stardite Undead Vortite (GRealm).pngUndead Vortite File:Wasp Whisperer.pngWasp Whisperer
Zombinator (GRealm).pngZombinator

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Barbarian (GRealm).pngBarbarian Bumblebirb Rider (GRealm).pngBumblebirb Rider Undeadipede (GRealm).pngUndeadipede

Bosses[edit | edit source]

File:Rift Daemon (GRealm).pngRift Daemon Folivine (GRealm).pngFolivine Mantid Matriarch (GRealm).pngMantid Matriarch

Minions[edit | edit source]

Baby Mantid (GRealm).pngBaby Mantid Baby Mantid Warrior (GRealm).pngBaby Mantid Warrior Corpse Elemental (GRealm).pngCorpse Elemental
File:Corpsevine (GRealm).pngCorpsevine Healer Mantid (GRealm).pngHealer Mantid File:Vinelet (GRealm).pngVinelet
Zombee (GRealm).pngZombee