Archer Haniwa

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Archer Haniwa
Archer Haniwa (Gensokyo).png
TypeBoss Minion
Damage12 / 24 Contact
52 / 104 Arrows
Max Life500 / 1000
KB Resist70%
Immune toPoisoned.pngVenom.pngToxin (Gensokyo).pngOn Fire!.png

Archer Haniwa are summoned by Mayumi Joutouguu during the second and last stages of her boss fight. They position around Mayumi and shoot salvos of arrows at the player.

During the second stage of Mayumi's fight, up to four (six on Expert Mode) Archer Haniwa may be active at once. Any destroyed Archer Haniwa are replaced after 3.33 seconds (3 seconds), with the timer only counting down during Mayumi's attack phase.

During Mayumi's last stage, only two Archer Haniwa may be active, and it takes 3.5 seconds for them to be resummoned.

If Mayumi is defeated, all of her Archer Haniwa are instantly destroyed.