Fencer Haniwa

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Fencer Haniwa
Fencer Haniwa (Gensokyo).png
TypeBoss Minion
Damage40 / 80 Contact
58 / 116 Blue Throwing Knives
46 / 92 Red Throwing Knives
Max Life800 / 1600
KB Resist75% Standard
90% While Charging
Immune toPoisoned.pngVenom.pngToxin (Gensokyo).pngOn Fire!.png

Fencer Haniwa are summoned by Mayumi Joutouguu during the third and last stages of her boss fight. They chase the player and release salvos of throwing knives in the process, which may either be unaimed or aimed at the player.

During the third stage of Mayumi's fight, up to four Fencer Haniwa may be active at once. Any destroyed Fencer Haniwa are replaced 4.5 seconds later, with the timer only counting down during Mayumi's attack phase.

During Mayumi's last stage, two Fencer Haniwa may be active, and it takes 5.5 seconds for them to be resummoned.

If Mayumi is defeated, all of her Fencer Haniwa are instantly destroyed.