Kaguya Houraisan

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Kaguya Houraisan
Kaguya Houraisan (Gensokyo).png
Damage70 / 140 Contact
48 / 96 Unaimed Bullets
60 / 120 Aimed Bullets
70 / 140 Beams
Max Life75000 / 112500
Defense50 / 56
KB Resist100%
Immune toTime Slowed (Gensokyo).pngTime Stopped (Gensokyo).png
Kaguya Houraisan Map Icon (Gensokyo).png
Map Icon

Kaguya Houraisan is a Tier 6 Hardmode, post-Golem boss.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Kaguya does not spawn naturally and has to be summoned by using the Blooming Udonge Plant during the night. However, she will not despawn if the fight lasts past dawn (4:30 am).

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Kaguya alternates between a movement phase and a stationary phase. During the fight, she will use six different spellcards, depending on her remaining health.

  • Night Sign "Meteor Shower": Kaguya shoots salvos of projectiles in random directions. After a short delay, these projectiles stop and change their direction. Unlike all other of Kaguya's attacks, this attack continues during the movement phase.
  • Impossible Request "Dragon's Jewel": Kaguya shoots a pattern of lasers, centered on a single player. Whenever a laser is fired, an unaimed orb is created.
  • Impossible Request "Buddha's Begging Bowl": Kaguya randomly shoots lasers in all directions, while targeting a player with a barrage of star-shaped projectiles.
  • Impossible Request "Fire-Rat's Robe": Orbs of fire are spawned around Kaguya. Some simply accelerate away from her, while others flip their direction after a short time. In addition, Kaguya targets a player with additional fireball attacks.
  • Impossible Request "Swallow's Cowrie Shell": Kaguya creates a magic circle that emits beams in all directions and, after a short delay, emits two rings of star-shaped bullets. One of the rings rotates clockwise around the spawner's position, the other does so counter-clockwise.
  • Impossible Request "Jeweled Branch of Hourai": Kaguya shoots a pattern of colorful bullets in all directions. Smaller bullets are created by magic circles and change direction towards a player after a small delay.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Kaguya is alive, a remix of Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess and Voyage 1970 will play. Both songs originally play during her fight in Imperishable Night. The remix was composed by Ümbra.