Kappa Explorer

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Kappa Explorer
Kappa Explorer (Gensokyo).png
AI TypeRanged Fighter
Damage40 / 80
Max Life280 / 560
KB Resist40%
BannerKappa Explorer Banner (Gensokyo).pngKappa Explorer Banner
Coins6 Silver Coin.png

The Kappa Explorer is a Hardmode enemy which may spawn in any body of water, except those situated in the Crimson, Corruption or Hallow biomes. She will approach the player while periodically shooting with a Kappa Water Pistol.

Kappa Explorers drop between three and five Point Items, a small amount of Hydro Charge ammunition, and may also drop Broken Kappa Technology, a material used to craft Kappa weapons and the Experimental Transmitter, used to summon Nitori Kawashiro.

The Kappa Explorer counts as a Kappa enemy, thus, killing enough of them (30) will summon Nitori Kawashiro.