Lava Fairy

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Lava Fairy
Lava Fairy (Gensokyo).png
EnvironmentThe Underworld
AI TypeFairy AI
Damage25 / 50 Contact
42 / 84 Lava Orbs
Max Life110 / 220
KB Resist30%
BannerLava Fairy Banner (Gensokyo).pngLava Fairy Banner
Coins4 Silver Coin.png

The Lava Fairy is a Pre-Hardmode fairy which spawns in the Underworld. They will approach the player while periodically shooting an orb of lava, which bounces off of surfaces. While in the Underworld, they spawn lava upon being killed.

Lava Fairies drop two or three Point Items. In addition, they have a 33% chance of dropping a Fireblossom.