Nanotech Ink

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Nanotech Ink
  • Nanotech Ink item sprite
Damage50 Magic
Knockback2 (Very Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time10 Very Fast
TooltipFrom an Unreal World
Dedicated to: Umbra
Right Click to shoot a powerful beam
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
Sell8 Gold Coin.png

Nanotech Ink is a Hardmode, post-Golem magic weapon. It is dedicated to Umbra, the creator of the mod's custom music tracks.

Nanotech Ink's main fire creates six orbs that circle the player and shoot a steady stream of projectiles. Using the alternate fire has a base mana cost of 180 and causes the item to charge up for a short duration before unleashing a powerful beam, which does bonus damage against bosses.

The Nanotech Ink spell tome can rarely drop from the Treasure Bags of Tier 6+ bosses.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nanotech Ink is a reference to one of Len'en Project's main characters, Tsubakura Enraku, and their main shot type from that game series. The Alternate Fire is also Tsubakura's bomb in those games, Monochrome Ray.
The Nanotech Ink's primary, then secondary fire. The secondary fire shooting a large stream of black and white projectiles.