Stone Fairy

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Stone Fairy
Stone Fairy (Gensokyo).png
AI TypeFairy AI
Damage16 / 32 Contact
24 / 48 Stalactites
Max Life85 / 170
KB Resist65%
BannerStone Fairy Banner (Gensokyo).pngStone Fairy Banner
Coins2 Silver Coin.png

The Stone Fairy is a Pre-Hardmode fairy which spawns in the Cavern layer. While they have a clear line of sight to a player, they will cause stalactites to rapidly grow on the ceiling above the targeted player, provided that the ceiling is made out of Stone, Ebonstone, Pearlstone, Crimstone, Granite or Marble. After a short duration, these stalactites will fall down, causing damage to any player they hit.

Stone Fairies drop one or two Point Items. In addition, they have a 33% chance of dropping a Blinkroot.