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Note: This wiki is currently a WIP
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The Mod

Glory Mod is a Terraria tModLoader Content mod which aims to overhaul every single bossfight in the game, new textures, new names, new mechanics, but the boss will retain its general idea of boss design. This mod is WIP.

 Note :While this mod is active players are unable to play in Normal mode

Every boss has a new Glorious Drop to reward players willing to take up the challenge.


Mod Credits
  • Sised - Creator, Lead Programmer, Lead Spriter, Owner of the mod
  • MountainyBear49 - Creator of Altintellect sprite and Spriter
  • JustSquiddo - Spriter
  • Pyxis - Spriter
  • The King of Derps - Ideas and suggestions
  • Fefo06 aert(Penguin) - Ideas and suggestions
  • AlmightyOdin - For creating the Wiki
  • Megaswave and AP STP - For Helpful Feedback
  • NinjaKittens - For making music for this mod
  • Musicman - For making music for this mod