Ant Nest

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AntNestMap (Guardians mod).png

The ant nest biome is created upon world generation and spawns between in the middle 20% of the world just below the surface. Within the ant nest there 5 possible locations for ant chests to spawn in which can be opened with an ant key which drops from Queen Ant.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Ant Nest
Characters Unique Drops

During Pre-Hardmode:

File:Ant (Guardians mod).pngAnt

After defeating the Queen Ant:

File:Electric Ant (Guardians mod).pngElectric Ant
File:Fire Ant (Guardians mod).pngFire Ant

After defeating Mechanical Bosses:

File:Flying Ant (Guardians mod).pngFlying Ant

After defeating the Moon Lord:

File:Dragon fly (Guardians mod).pngDragon fly
File:Ant Crawler (Guardians mod).pngAnt Crawler

From Dragon fly:

Dragon Fly Dust (Guardians mod).pngDragon Fly Dust
Dragon Fly Wing (Guardians mod).pngDragon Fly Wing
Dragon Flies Call (Guardians mod).pngDragon Flies Call

From Terrain:

Ants Nest (Guardians mod).pngAnts Nest

From Ant Chests:

Snail Flail (Guardians mod).pngSnail Flail
Marsh Mallow Rifle (Guardians mod).pngMarsh Mallow Rifle
Fish Sprayer (Guardians mod).pngFish Sprayer
Nunchucks (Guardians mod).pngNunchucks
Ant Wings (Guardians mod).pngAnt Wings
Earthen Bar (Guardians mod).pngEarthen Bar
Greater Healing Potion.pngGreater Healing Potion