Dragons Lair

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DragonsLairMap (Guardians mod).png

The Dragons Lair is created upon world generation and spawns in the bottom right corner of the world. Within the area there is a large arena made of dragon brick with a large central platform and two smaller side ones.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Dragons Lair
Characters Unique Drops

After defeating the Moon Lord:

File:Bloodreaper (Guardians mod).pngBloodreaper

After defeating the Fire Dragon:

File:Magmatic Crawler (Guardians mod).pngMagmatic Crawler

From Bloodreaper after Fire Dragon has been defeated:

Dragon Scale (Guardians mod).pngDragon Scale

From Magmatic Crawler after Fire Dragon has been defeated:

Solarium Ore (Guardians mod).pngSolarium Ore

From terrain:

Dragon Brick (Guardians mod).pngDragon Brick