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Reaper Class[edit | edit source]

Warning this class is difficult to learn but extremely rewarding.

The Reaper Class is a new Class based around dealing damage through critical strikes and harvesting souls from enemies.This Class adds three new types of weapon the dagger, the scythe and the hook each weapon has a left click and a right click function.

Reaper Weapons

Stats[edit | edit source]

When the player is holding a reaper weapon they are classed as being a reaper, if so small orange text appears above the player telling them the number of souls they have and their maximum number of souls.The player will target the closest enemy within 1000 units and blood dust will be produced by that enemy, going more than 1000 units away from that target causes it to reset. Once the player reaches this maximum number they cannot collect any more souls until they have used up ones they already have. Each soul in possession of the player increases their reaper damage by a base of 0.5% which can be currently only increased though reaper armour bonuses. The player has a base maximum souls of 20 which can also be increased through armour. Reapers have a two special additional stats, critical damage multiplier and critical damage armour penetration which increase the damage dealt by a critical strike and its armour penetration respectively. If the player's armour penetration exceeds that of the targets defence, an additional damage bonus of 1% per extra armour penetration is applied. Whenever a soul is produced, it can deal damage to enemies wile moving dealing 5(Pre Hardmode) / 15(Hardmode) / 25(Post Mech Boss)/ 75(Post Moonlord)/ 150(Post Fire dragon), this damage is doubled in expert mode and further doubled again in Mental mode. Upon death the player will release all of their collected souls in an explosion around them.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

All reaper weapons will critically strike against their targeted enemy but have a base critical strike chance of 0. Daggers and scythes can be thrown with left click, this will mark that target for death causing purple dust to be produced from them. The right click function for the dagger can only be used on the players marked target and fires a ricocheting knife that will bounce initial dash speed times or until there are no nearby enemies, it will deal 2x damage to marked targets, and increase the soul reward by 2 as well as consuming the mark. The Scythe right click function causes the player to dash backwards granting immunity equal to the weapons use time, the player will then throw a returning scythe that will fly around them until caught and costs 5 souls to use. If this attack strikes a marked target then it will deal 2x damage, consume the mark and increase that enemies soul reward by 3. Hooks will be thrown out with left click and will stick to enemies, applying a mark for 0.75 seconds to an enemy without a mark. Hitting an enemy with a mark deals 2x damage and will consume the mark. Right click retracts all stuck hooks and costs 5 souls to use. Hook retracting will deal 125% initial damage per hook or 250% if the hook applied a critical hit. The healing from this is 1/1.5/2 x the initial dash speed + 2.5/5/7.5 % of the dealt damage.This will increase the enemies soul reward by half the number of hooks in them.

Each currently active scythe will increase the damage of the dagger ability by 10% and the scythe ability by 5%.

All projectiles apply on hit effects, the scythe and dagger projectile go into a cooldown based on their use time * 10. When the dagger ability is up a circle of blood appears around the player this becomes more visible the closer the target is to the max range of the ability.

Added healing for mark consumption. -Scythe will heal for 1.5/2.25/3 x the initial shoot speed + 2.5/3.75/5 % of the dealt damage. -Dagger will heal for 1.5/2.25/3 x the initial dash speed + 2.5/3.75/5 % of the dealt damage. -Hook will heal for 0.5/0.75/1 x the initial dash speed + 2.5/3.75/5 % of the dealt damage.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Upon death enemies will drop a number of souls based on their soul reward. This starts at a base of 1 and can be increased by consuming marks on that target. Bosses however cannot gain soul reward, they will instead fire out souls from their center based on the soul reward they would have received. The marked target always drops 1.5x the souls.