The Virus

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The Virus
The Virus (Guardians mod).png
Damage46 / ( 55) / ( 75)
Max Life72500/ ( 123,250) / ( 252,663)
Defense30 / ( 36) / ( 67)
KB Resist100%
Coins180000*18 Gold Coin.png / ( 360000*36 Gold Coin.png) / ( 1080000*1 Platinum Coin.png 8 Gold Coin.png)

The Virus is a post-Mech boss boss that can be summoned with the Unstable Batteries when the player is on the surface at any time.

The Virus has 3 distinct phases:

  • Phase 1 Dashes:
  • Dashes from above the player to one side of the player and then dashing towards the player before returning to above the player. This will be repeated in the other direction.
  • Phase 2 Binary shooting
  • The Virus spins around in a circle and shoots binary around in a circle at 8 points
  • Phase 3 Binary Boi summoning:
  • The Virus spawns in one 0 and one 1 binary boi up to a maximum of 3 alive at once. The 0s attempt to ram the player wheras the 1s attempt to shoot at the player.

Aftermath:[edit | edit source]

Techno Ore spawns in the Cavern layer.