Void Biome

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Void Biome[edit | edit source]

VoidBiomeMap (Guardians mod).png

The Void Biome is created upon world generation and spawns between in the middle 10% of the world just above hell. Within the Void biome there 3 possible locations for void chests to spawn in which can be opened with a void key which drops from void mimics.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Void Biome
Characters Unique Drops

During Pre-Hardmode:

File:Void Slime (Guardians mod).pngVoid Slime
File:Voided Wanderer (Guardians mod).pngVoided Wanderer
File:Void Bat (Guardians mod).pngVoid Bat
File:Voided Pitchfork (Guardians mod).pngVoided Pitchfork

During Hardmode:

File:Void Mimic (Guardians mod).pngVoid Mimic

After defeating the Moon Lord:

File:Void Crawler (Guardians mod).pngVoid Crawler
File:Void Crawler Worm (Guardians mod).pngVoid Crawler Worm

From the Void Mimic:

Void Key (Guardians mod).pngVoid Key