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Melee[edit | edit source]

    |Snapped Handle (Guardians mod).pngSnapped Handle |Rusted Blade (Guardians mod).pngRusted Blade |Shiny Sword (Guardians mod).pngShiny Sword |Two Evils (Guardians mod).pngTwo Evils |Poison Blade (Guardians mod).pngPoison Blade |Dungeons Wrath (Guardians mod).pngDungeons Wrath |The Debuff Giver (Guardians mod).pngThe Debuff Giver |Mecha Slayer (Guardians mod).pngMecha Slayer |Ex Caliburr (Guardians mod).pngEx Caliburr |Terror Blade (Guardians mod).pngTerror Blade |Space Saber (Guardians mod).pngSpace Saber |Solar Flare (Guardians mod).pngSolar Flare |Meow Meow (Guardians mod).pngMeow Meow |Dragon Slicer (Guardians mod).pngDragon Slicer |Dragon Blade (Guardians mod).pngDragon Blade |True Dragon Blade (Guardians mod).pngTrue Dragon Blade

    Magic[edit | edit source]

      |Torn Book (Guardians mod).pngTorn Book |Patchwork Book (Guardians mod).pngPatchwork Book |Gemshot (Guardians mod).pngGemshot |Nightmare Gemshot (Guardians mod).pngNightmare Gemshot |Shrapnel Shot (Guardians mod).pngShrapnel Shot |Death Shower (Guardians mod).pngDeath Shower |Mecha Sprayer (Guardians mod).pngMecha Sprayer(Guardians mod) |Demon Soul (Guardians mod).pngDemon Soul |Ex Caliburr (Guardians mod).pngEx Caliburr |Elemental Control (Guardians mod).pngElemental Control |Soul Of The Blue Moon (Guardians mod).pngSoul Of The Blue Moon |Flare Spewer (Guardians mod).pngFlare Spewer |Unstable Arcanum Weather Globe (Guardians mod).pngUnstable Arcanum Weather Globe |True Arcanum Weather Globe (Guardians mod).pngTrue Arcanum Weather Globe

      Ranged[edit | edit source]

      Summon[edit | edit source]

      Thrower[edit | edit source]

      Reaper[edit | edit source]


        Dagger (Guardians mod).png Dagger
        Golden Dagger (Guardians mod).png Golden Dagger
        Shadow Demon Dagger (Guardians mod).png Shadow Demon Dagger
        Snake Skin Stabber (Guardians mod).png Snake Skin Stabber
        Poisoned Hunting Knife (Guardians mod).png Poisoned Hunting Knife
        Ant Shank (Guardians mod).png Ant Shank
        Ice Assassin Blade (Guardians mod).png Ice Assassin Blade
        System Slash (Guardians mod).png System Slash
        Rock Smash (Guardians mod).png Rock Smash
        Cosmo Dagger (Guardians mod).png Cosmo Dagger
        Lunar Shank (Guardians mod).png Lunar Shank
        Dragon Fly Knife (Guardians mod).png Dragon Fly Knife
        Flare Stabber (Guardians mod).png Flare Stabber
        Interdimensional Impaler (Guardians mod).png Interdimensional Impaler
        Galactic Shank (Guardians mod).png Galactic Shank


        Scythe (Guardians mod).png Scythe
        Golden Scythe (Guardians mod).png Golden Scythe
        Shadow Demon Scythe (Guardians mod).png Shadow Demon Scythe
        Snake Hunter (Guardians mod).png Snake Hunter
        Poisoned Hunting Scythe (Guardians mod).png Poisoned Hunting Scythe
        Ant Slasher (Guardians mod).png Ant Slasher
        Glacial Reaver (Guardians mod).png Glacial Reaver
        System Wipe (Guardians mod).png System Wipe
        Rock Slicer (Guardians mod).png Rock Slicer
        Cosmo Slash (Guardians mod).png Cosmo Slash
        Lunar Reaver (Guardians mod).png Lunar Reaver
        Dragon Fly Slasher (Guardians mod).png Dragon Fly Slasher
        Flare Reaver (Guardians mod).png Flare Reaver
        Void Scythe (Guardians mod).png Void Scythe
        Galactite Throwing Axe (Guardians mod).png Galactite Throwing Axe


        Iron Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Iron Throwing Hook
        Golden Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Golden Throwing Hook
        Shadow Demon Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Shadow Demon Throwing Hook
        Snake Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Snake Throwing Hook
        Poisoned Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Poisoned Throwing Hook
        Ant Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Ant Throwing Hook
        Glacial Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Glacial Throwing Hook
        Techno Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Techno Throwing Hook
        Rock Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Rock Throwing Hook
        Cosmo Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Cosmo Throwing Hook
        Lunar Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Lunar Throwing Hook
        Dragon Fly Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Dragon Fly Throwing Hook
        Flare Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Flare Throwing Hook
        Void Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Void Throwing Hook
        Galactic Throwing Hook (Guardians mod).png Galactic Throwing Hook