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This is IcdMod, made by icecreamdude.

18+ bosses 60+ Items and Weapons 3 armor sets Many Post Moonlord Content!

1.6 update: The endgame update!

+1 boss

+1 Superboss!

Added the final boss of the mod, so far.

+ Many unique items!

+ Tier 3 dungeon

+ Overhauled AI

+ A mount!

1.5 update: The hell update! This update includes:

+3 bosses

Many unique weapons

And Advanced Mode! A step up to hard mode, with harder mobs to fight, and unlocked after defeating moon lord.

1.4 update: BIG EXPANSION!!!! This update includes:

+6 bosses

Awesome Crafting Tree upgrades!

New Awesome Weapons

New weapon type: Zapatrons!

1.31 update: Icon!

1.3 update: ULTRA CRAFTING TREE! A really huge crafting tree to make the true terra blade This update includes;

+ Crapload of Weapons

1.21 update: Added boss summon to mech meme man, 1 more sword

1.2 update: BIG UPDATE! hardmode content, 1 new boss! Also Post-Moon Lord Content,

+1 boss

+Many Items

1.1 update: added 2 new weapons, really cool.

All bosses in order:

Big bad boulder King Slime Alpha Boulder Eye of Cthulhu Overloaded Robot Enchanted Sentient Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu Queen Bee Skeletron Meme Man Wall of Flesh


Perfect Circle The Twins The Destroyer Skeletron Prime Smirky Plantera Golem Ectoplasm Saucer Lunatic Cultist Moon Lord

Advanced Mode (Post Moon Lord):

Mechanical Meme Man Toxic Slime Eye of Death Devilhorns' Fury Sword Molten Duke Mechanical Boulder Cultist Doomsday Device Mr.6666 and Mr.Sixixix Helltera Smirky's Mech Devilhorns