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Welcome to the Inlustris Mod Wiki,

the wiki containing a lot of information about the mod.

About The Mod

Inlustris Mod is a W.I.P but usable mod for Terraria. It is made by the main programmer Alpha, as well as many other helpers and developers in it.

The mod adds a lot of content including;

  • 4 New bosses
  • 1 New biome
  • 1 New class
  • Lots of new enemies, armors and items
  • And many more!
Inlustris Mod
Mod Credits
  • Coding - Alpha
  • Spriting - Skeletony, Darkpuppey, Koid, Nvar, FailureofMankind, Enreden, Phobostar, Cherry
  • Playtesting - Omega, Lyly, TrueJosh?!, Cherry
  • Wiki Editing - Skeletony
  • Music - Alpha