Mining Accessories

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Accessory Source Effect Hardmode Visible on
Miner's Sledgehammer (Iridium Mod).pngMiner's Sledgehammer Dropped by Mimic Pickaxes mine a 3x3 area. Reduces mining speed by 75%. Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
Portable Trash Can (Iridium Mod).pngPortable Trash Can Crafted at an Anvil Stone, dirt and mud disappear when they are destroyed. Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png
Prohibited Trash Can (Iridium Mod).pngProhibited Trash Can Crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop Stone, dirt and mud turn into coins when they are destroyed. Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png
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