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1 new Pet added to the Iridium Mod.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Buff Pet Item Source Effect
Square Bee (Iridium Mod).png Square Bee Pet (Iridium Mod).gif Suspicious Looking Beehive (Iridium Mod).pngSuspicious Looking Beehive Found in Bee Chest
  • Increases health and mana regeneration
Dice (Iridium Mod).png Accessories  • Enchanted Sky Blue Dye (Iridium Mod).png Dyes  • True Philosopher's Stone (Iridium Mod).png Miscellaneous  • Suffering Potion (Iridium Mod).png Potions  • Suspicious Looking Beehive (Iridium Mod).png Summoning Tools  • Blackhole (Iridium Mod).png Weapons  • Square Bee (Iridium Mod).png Mechanics (Suffering (Iridium Mod).png Buffs  • The Plan.png Config  • Dice - Cooldown (Iridium Mod).png Debuffs  • Enchanted Bobber (Iridium Mod).png Fishing  • Yoyo Bag.png Recipes  • Dice Buff (Iridium Mod).png Special Ability)