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Icon (Jetshift).pngThe Mod

Jetshift is an open-source large content mod for Terraria, which focuses on adding bosses, weapons, and other unique content. It is currently in a work-in-progress state, so everything listed on this wiki may be subject to change.

Serpent's Blade (Jetshift).png Weapons • Serpent's Helmet (Jetshift).png Armor • Heart of Acceptance (Jetshift).png Accessories • Astral Meteorite Pickaxe (Jetshift).png Tools • Hell Brick (Jetshift).png Blocks • Astral Destabiliser (Jetshift).png Furniture • Unstable Fragment (Jetshift).png Crafting materials • Scrolls (Jetshift).png Miscellaneous
Cursed Rune (Jetshift).png Mechanics ( Cursed Wall (Jetshift).png Achievements • Shift (buff) (Jetshift).png Buffs )
Quaker (Jetshift).png NPCs ( Wall Clinger (Jetshift).png Enemies • Wordsmith Head (Jetshift).png Town NPCs • 20px Minibosses • Shadowflight Dagger (Jetshift).png Bosses)
Dark Snow (Jetshift).png Biomes