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This page features upcoming content. The following content still has to be implemented, and could change throughout development.

Jetshift Mod adds a bunch of content to the mod that adds onto the experience of other mods when they are enabled. This content is mod-exclusive and requires that specific mod to be used, as disabling the mod will render it unusable due to it's exclusive traits. So far, only one mod is cross-compatible with Jetshift Mod, and other cross-content is yet to be confirmed.

Ancients Awakened[edit | edit source]

Purity CubesAncients Awakened
AA Purity Cubes (Jetshift).png
AI TypePurity Cube AI
Max Life86,400

Ancients Awakened enables two more exclusive variants of the Purity Cubes, called the Abyssal and Draconian Cubes. Respectively, they clean out The Mire and The Inferno, restoring them to their opposite terrain (Jungle and Purity respectively). Contrary to the normal Purity Cubes, they do not clear out Corruption, Crimson or Hallow, and only have one tier.

Serpent's Blade (Jetshift).png Weapons • Serpent's Helmet (Jetshift).png Armor • Heart of Acceptance (Jetshift).png Accessories • Astral Meteorite Pickaxe (Jetshift).png Tools • Hell Brick (Jetshift).png Blocks • Astral Destabiliser (Jetshift).png Furniture • Unstable Fragment (Jetshift).png Crafting materials • Scrolls (Jetshift).png Miscellaneous
Cursed Rune (Jetshift).png Mechanics ( Cursed Wall (Jetshift).png Achievements • Shift (buff) (Jetshift).png Buffs )
Quaker (Jetshift).png NPCs ( Wall Clinger (Jetshift).png Enemies • Wordsmith Head (Jetshift).png Town NPCs • 20px Minibosses • Shadowflight Dagger (Jetshift).png Bosses)
Dark Snow (Jetshift).png Biomes