Fortitudo Dei

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"Shrouding with darkness..."

The Fortitudo Dei is a dark and dangerous biome that spawns on world generation. It is a purply-blue dark place with a mountain range in the background and cursed, dangerous enemies. The Deep Fortitudo Dei has pitch black walls which cannot be mined.

The Fortitudo Dei usually generates on the surface, but it is possible to find it completely covered by normal terrain. Around the middle of the Fortitudo Dei is a deep chasm that contains an Artificer Campfire at the bottom, which can be used to summon The Annihilation or provide light temporarily.

To access Deep Fortitudo Dei safely (which is the underground variant of Fortitudo Dei), one must obtain a light pet. Attempting to explore The Deep Fortitudo Dei without a light pet will deplete the player's life overtime while severely obstructing their vision of the surrounding area, making exploration potentially lethal. Attempting to light up the area with torches or other light tiles will change nothing under these effects. When players die this way, it will broadcast the death message; "(playername) was absorbed by the darkness.".

Contents[edit | edit source]

Fortitudo Dei
Characters Unique Drops


File:Mouthy (Jetshift).pngMouthy
File:Wrathle (Jetshift).pngWrathle
File:Worbles (Jetshift).pngWorbles

Post-Moon Lord:

Quaker (Jetshift).pngQuaker(Deep Fortitudo Dei only)
File:Purgers (Jetshift).pngPurgers
File:Ichrius (Jetshift).pngIchrius(Miniboss)

All Tiers:

The Annihilation (Jetshift).pngThe Annihilation(Boss)

From The Annihilation:

Hypernova Blaster (Jetshift).pngHypernova Blaster
Oblivious (Jetshift).pngOblivious

Effects[edit | edit source]

While in The Fortitudo Dei, the screen will get darker with a slight purple tint.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Fortitudo Dei, in previous versions of the mod, was called The Great Darkness.
    • The Great Darkness was originally going to be called The Void, but due to a similarity with another mod, it was changed.
  • The death message associated with The Deep Darkness is a reference to Earthbound.
  • The Fortitudo Dei used to generate upon killing the Moon Lord in a previous update.
  • Fortitudo Dei, translated from the Latin, reads "Strength Of God".
  • The Fortitudo Dei has three music tracks, all three of which were composed by SpicySpaceSnake:
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