Mysterious Meteor

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Mysterious Meteor
Mysterious Meteor (Jetshift).png
AI TypeMysterious Meteor AI
Max Life∞ (with shell)
20,000 (shell-less)
KB Resist100%

The Mysterious Meteor is an unknown post-Moon Lord NPC that is found randomly in the world.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

The Mysterious Meteor only spawns after defeating the Moon Lord. It spawns in Space, and always remains at that height. Whenever a Mysterious Meteor spawns, it will have its thick astral shell protecting it from incoming attacks. This means that if one is in the process of destroying the meteor, they would have to complete the necessary requirements again in order to proceed.

Only one Mysterious Meteor can be alive at the same time, meaning one can kill the Moon Lord repeatedly without having to worry about a second Mysterious Meteor spawning.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Mysterious Meteor floats in Space while slowing moving from side-to-side across the world. Once it hits either edge of the map, it will stop and then start to fly the other way. This will always take place regardless of current form.

While the player is nearby the Mysterious Meteor, they will be provided with rapid life regeneration. However, this buff is disabled while a boss is alive. If the player stays near the meteor for one real life minute, they will be provided with one of the following six visuals:

  • If Frezyn hasn't been defeated, an ethereal vision of Frezyn's head will appear.
  • If Oculus hasn't been defeated, an ethereal vision of Oculus will appear.
  • If The Annihilation hasn't been defeated, an ethereal vision of The Annihilation's head will appear.
  • If Mortalos hasn't been defeated, an ethereal vision of Mortalos' head will appear.
  • If Crystal Conflict hasn't been defeated, an ethereal vision of Crystal Conflict will appear. Since Crystal Conflict can only be defeated by normal means in Expert Mode, progressing to Cosmic Duo is impossible without the use of third-party NPC-spawning mods
  • If every post-Moon Lord boss has been defeated, an ethereal vision of the Astral Destabiliser will appear.

The Mysterious Meteor, in its shell form, knocks back the player when touched. It cannot be hurt by any attack while in this form, especially with debuffs. However, breaking the Mysterious Meteor open will allow it to take damage, but an Astral Destabiliser is required to do this. After taking enough damage in its "open" form, it will explode and suck in all players, regardless of location across the map. After some time, it will completely disappear and log a message in the chat.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Mysterious Meteor deals no damage to the player(s). However, upon being hit with any weapon (including summoner minions), it shoots out a powerful bolt directly at the player, which will launch them a far distance away. When projectiles are used against the Mysterious Meteor in it's shell form, they will be destroyed upon contact. Any projectiles that inflict debuffs will have no effects.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its theme is It Came From The Sky by Shadow Figure.
  • In previous versions of the mod, there was an exploit that could be done where the player would break the shell off the meteor, capture it with the Transfer Pad and re-summon it with the shell respawned (by default means), allowing it to take damage and be destroyed without breaking the shell off. This was fixed by making the Mysterious Meteor unable to be captured by the Transfer Pad, and be unable to be inflicted with the Shift buff.
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