Transfer Pad

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Transfer Pad
  • Transfer Pad item sprite
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TooltipCaptures/releases an NPC at will
Cannot be used to capture bosses or invulnerable NPCs
When released, the NPC will be 20 tiles above you
RarityRarity level: Quest

Transfer Pad is a Hardmode item that is used to port-ably transport NPCs and projectiles. It is obtained by completing a scroll and checking it with the Wordsmith.

Usage[edit | edit source]

When the Transfer Pad is selected in the inventory and the left mouse button is pressed, it captures the nearest entity to the player. It cannot capture the entity if it is 19 tiles or more away from the player. If an entity is already stored in the Transfer Pad, it will be released 20 tiles above the player.

If the right mouse button is pressed, then it displays information about the NPC in order:

  • Name
  • Life
  • Defense
  • Damage

The Transfer Pad cannot be used to capture bosses, entities with 1 max life, invulnerable entities or projectiles that deal 0 damage. If attempted, the Transfer Pad will log a message in the chat telling the player that the entity in question cannot be captured, and nothing will happen.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "<Name> captured!" (When successfully capturing a projectile or NPC)
  • "You cannot capture this entity." (When capturing an NPC fails)
  • "You cannot capture this projectile." (When capturing a projectile fails)
  • "NO ENTITY DATA FOUND." (When attempting to view stats of a null projectile or NPC)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Transfer Pad, while scanning, ignores minions and other projectiles that are player accessories, including pets and light pets.
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