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Gambler[edit | edit source]

JoJoStands Gambler.png

D'Arby the Gambler sells you the Pack'O'Cards item and the Poker Chip item. His second function is to Bet, which is a series of minigames the player can play against D'Arby to gain the amount of money the player bet.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

D'Arby spawns when there's more than 4 people living in your world and the world is in hardmode.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

D'Arby throws cards at enemies within his range, and the cards do about 37 damage each.

Bet[edit | edit source]

The player can bet gold and platinum coins against D'Arby then play a random choice of 3 minigames to bet the coins.


  1. Rock-Paper-Scissors
  2. A dice game
  3. Simpler Poker

Rock Paper Scissors:[edit | edit source]

The player chooses the sign they want then the results reveal. If it's a tie the player can choose again

Dice Game:[edit | edit source]

The player rolls a die then D'Arby rolls a die. The first dice to return specific conditions win

Winning Conditions:

  • All dice are greater than 3
  • The sum of the dice equal 6
  • All dice roll the same number

Simpler Poker:[edit | edit source]

The player is shown 2 cards and can choose to either change a card or continue with the bet. The player with the greater sum of cards wins.