Remix Table

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Remix Table
TypeFurnitureCrafting station
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions2 wide × 2 high
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell9 Silver Coin

The Remix Table is a crafting station used to craft and upgrade Stands.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Used to craft[edit | edit source]


File:Aerosmith (Tier 1) (JoJoStands).pngAerosmith (Tier 1)
File:Aerosmith (Tier 2) (JoJoStands).pngAerosmith (Tier 2)
File:Aerosmith (Tier 3) (JoJoStands).pngAerosmith (Tier 3)
File:Aerosmith (Final Tier) (JoJoStands).pngAerosmith (Final Tier)
File:Century Boy (JoJoStands).pngCentury Boy
File:Century Boy T2 (JoJoStands).pngCentury Boy T2
File:Gold Experience (Tier 1) (JoJoStands).pngGold Experience (Tier 1)
File:Gold Experience (Tier 2) (JoJoStands).pngGold Experience (Tier 2)
File:Gold Experience (Tier 3) (JoJoStands).pngGold Experience (Tier 3)
File:Gold Experience (Final Tier) (JoJoStands).pngGold Experience (Final Tier)
File:Gold Experience (Requiem) (JoJoStands).pngGold Experience (Requiem)
File:Hierophant Green (Tier 1) (JoJoStands).pngHierophant Green (Tier 1)
File:Hierophant Green (Tier 2) (JoJoStands).pngHierophant Green (Tier 2)
File:Hierophant Green (Tier 3) (JoJoStands).pngHierophant Green (Tier 3)
File:Hierophant Green (Final) (JoJoStands).pngHierophant Green (Final)
File:Killer Queen (1st Bomb) (JoJoStands).pngKiller Queen (1st Bomb)
File:Killer Queen (1st Bomb Tier 2) (JoJoStands).pngKiller Queen (1st Bomb Tier 2)
File:Killer Queen (1st Bomb Tier 3) (JoJoStands).pngKiller Queen (1st Bomb Tier 3)
File:Killer Queen (Final) (JoJoStands).pngKiller Queen (Final)
File:Killer Queen (Stray Cat) (JoJoStands).pngKiller Queen (Stray Cat)
File:Magicians Red (Tier 1) (JoJoStands).pngMagicians Red (Tier 1)
File:Magicians Red (Tier 2) (JoJoStands).pngMagicians Red (Tier 2)