Alpha Cactus Worm

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Alpha Cactus Worm
Alpha Cactus Worms (Joostmod).png
EnvironmentUnderground Desert
AI TypeWorm AI
DamageHead: 40 / ??

Body: 30 / ??

Tail: 20 / ??
Max Life10000 / 14000
DefenseHead: 0

Body: 5

Tail: 10
KB Resist100%

The Alpha Cactus Worm is a post-Skeletron worm boss. You can summon it with the Succulent Cactus Meal. It's a fairly average worm boss besides its sharp turns. However, you should still get some decent post-Skeletron weaponry and armor, as a rather sizable specimen awakens when you pick up its treasure.

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