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The Joostmod adds 5 bosses to Terraria: The Alpha Cactus Worm, the Grand Cactus Worm, the Jumbo Cactuar, the SA-X, and Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

Pre-Hardmode Bosses[edit | edit source]

Alpha Cactus Worm[edit | edit source]

Alpha Cactus Worm (Joostmod).png
Grand Cactus Worm Trophy (Joostmod).png
Succulent Cactus Meal (Joostmod).png

The Alpha Cactus Worm is a post-Skeletron Desert worm boss. It is found asleep in the underground desert when the Hunt Master's quest for it is active. It can also be summoned in the Underground Desert with a Succulent Cactus Meal.

Grand Cactus Worm[edit | edit source]

Grand Cactus Worm (Joostmod).png
Grand Cactus Worm Trophy (Joostmod).png
Extra Succulent Cactus (Joostmod).png

The Grand Cactus Worm is a post-Skeletron giant worm boss. It spawns after picking up the Extra Succulent Cactus dropped by the Alpha Cactus Worm.

Post-Moon Lord Bosses[edit | edit source]

Jumbo Cactuar[edit | edit source]

Jumbo Cactuar (Joostmod).png
Jumbo Cactuar Trophy (Joostmod).png
Mustachioed Cactus (Joostmod).png

The Jumbo Cactuar is a post-Moon Lord desert boss. It is summoned with a Mustachioed Cactus in the desert.

SA-X[edit | edit source]

SA-X (Joostmod).png
SA-X Trophy (Joostmod).png
Infected Arm Cannon (Joostmod).png

The SA-X is a post-Moon Lord boss. It is summoned with an Infected Arm Cannon.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh (Joostmod).png Enkidu (Joostmod).png
Gilgamesh Trophy (Joostmod).png
Excalipoor (Joostmod).png

Gilgamesh and Enkidu are a post-Moon Lord boss fight. They are summoned with an Excalipoor.

Boss Progression[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
King Slime.png King Slime
Eye of Cthulhu.png Eye of Cthulhu
Eater of Worlds.png Brain of Cthulhu.png Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu
Queen Bee.png Queen Bee
Skeletron.png Skeletron
Alpha Cactus Worm (Joostmod).png Alpha Cactus Worm
Grand Cactus Worm (Joostmod).png Grand Cactus Worm
Wall of Flesh.png Wall of Flesh
Icon Name
Skeletron Prime.png The Twins.png The Destroyer.png Mechanical Bosses
Plantera.png Plantera
Golem.png Golem
Duke Fishron.png Duke Fishron
Lunatic Cultist.png Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord.png Moon Lord
Post-Moon Lord
Icon Name
Jumbo Cactuar (Joostmod).png Jumbo Cactuar
SA-X (Joostmod).png SA-X
Gilgamesh (Joostmod).png Enkidu (Joostmod).png Gilgamesh and Enkidu