Cactus Worm

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Cactus Worm
Cactus Worm (Joostmod).png
AI TypeWorm AI
DamageHead: 15 / 30 (80)

Body: 10 / 20

Tail: 5 / 10
Max Life25 / 50 (164)
DefenseHead: 0

Body: 5

Tail: 10
KB Resist100%
BannerCactus Worm Banner (Joostmod).pngCactus Worm Banner
Coins2 Silver Coin10 Copper Coin

The Cactus Worm is an uncommon Worm type enemy found in the desert. Every segment will drop a Succulent Cactus when slain. The Cactus Worm will have increased spawnrates before the Grand Cactus Worm is defeated.