Gilgamesh's Weapon Set

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Gilgamesh's Weapon Set
  • Gilgamesh's Weapon Set item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage800 Melee and Throwing
Critical chance4%
TooltipToo bad you don't have 8 arms
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
Sell10 Platinum Coin.png

Gilgamesh's Weapon Set is a Post-Moon Lord weapon. It is obtained from Gilgamesh's Treasure Bag in Expert Mode. It randomly attacks with tomahawks, kunais, an axe, a flail, a naginata, the Gunblade, or the Buster Sword.

The tomahawk attack throws two tomahawks sequentially. They deal the weapon's damage.

The kunai attack throws three kunai's in an even spread. They deal the weapon's damage.

The axe attack throws an axe that returns to the player like a boomerang. It deals twice the weapon's damage.

The flail attack creates a flail that rotates around the player rather than behaving like a regular flail. It deals 2.5 times the weapon's damage.

The naginata attack uses the naginata like a standard spear. It deals 3 times the weapon's damage.

The Gunblade attack fires the Gunblade like a standard gun. It consumes a bullet from the player's inventory to fire. It can also hit enemies directly in melee range for extra damage. It deals double the weapon's damage and also benefits by the player's ranged damage bonuses.

The Buster Sword attack swings the Buster Sword in an uppercut and fires a projectile beam. It deals 2.5 times the weapon's damage.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 0.8: Sprite Updated. Weapon reworked.
  • 0.6: Introduced.