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The Joostmod adds a few new potions to Terraria.

Potion Ingredients / Source Effects Duration Icon
BONELESS Pizza (Joostmod).pngBONELESS Pizza 32 Hay.pngHay
16 Mushroom.pngMushroom
4 Bacon.pngBacon
  @   Furnace.pngFurnace
Minor improvements to all stats
Increases max health by 50
30 minutes
BONELESS Pizza Buff (Joostmod).png
Cactus Juice (Joostmod).pngCactus Juice Bottled Water.pngBottled Water
Succulent Cactus (Joostmod).pngSucculent Cactus
Purchased from the Cactus Person for 7Silver Coin.pngSilver and 50Copper Coin.pngCopper.
-5 Defense, +25% damage
Makes the player slippy.
2 minutes
High on Cactus Juice (Joostmod).png
Joost Juice (Joostmod).pngJoost Juice Bottled Water.pngBottled Water
Chlorophyte Ore.pngChlorophyte Ore
Regeneration Potion.pngRegeneration Potion
Swiftness Potion.pngSwiftness Potion
Ironskin Potion.pngIronskin Potion
Heartreach Potion.pngHeartreach Potion
Lifeforce Potion.pngLifeforce Potion
Endurance Potion.pngEndurance Potion
Rage Potion.pngRage Potion
Wrath Potion.pngWrath Potion
Warmth Potion.pngWarmth Potion
Summoning Potion.pngSummoning Potion
Buffs most of the consumer's stats.
15 minutes
Joost Juice Buff (Joostmod).png
Greater Restoration Potion (Joostmod).pngGreater Restoration Potion Restoration Potion.pngRestoration Potion
Pixie Dust.pngPixie Dust
Restores 120 life and mana. N/A N/A
Super Restoration Potion (Joostmod).pngSuper Restoration Potion Greater Restoration Potion (Joostmod).pngGreater Restoration Potion
Soul of Light.pngSoul of Light
Restores 150 life and mana. N/A N/A
Wonder Waffle (Joostmod).pngWonder Waffle Sold by the Travelling Merchant for 15Silver Coin.pngSilver. Gives a random buff, including mounts and pets.
Golem must be defeated to receive the Drill Containment Unit.
30-60 seconds N/A