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Mod: Kingdom Terrahearts
Kingdom Terrahearts is a mod that allows you to use items and abilities from the Kingdom Hearts series.
It currently contains 8 habilities, 8 keyblades, 1 extra weapon, 1 save spot, 1 boss, 1 new enemy npc, 1 new tile, 1 new vanity item, 1 new type of block, 1 new workbench and 1 new synthesis material.

Keyblades[edit | edit source]

Keyblades are the heart of Kingdom Hearts, whitout this iconic weapon, Disney and Final Fantasy characters, and the character whriting, it wouldn't have survived for as long as it did. Keyblades in this mod have a new mechanic called "combos". Much like combos in normal games, attacking with the weapon shortly after another attack will change the attack itself, being just a diferent way of swinging it or casting some interesting magic. This mod currently hasss 8 Keyblades:

Kingdom Terraheart Keyblade wood.png

Wooden Keyblade: a toy keyblade originally wielded by Terra in a match against Ventus, it is not actually usable in Kingdom Hearts, but in this mod it is an alternative to a wooden sword.

It has a 2 hit combo and doesn't cast any type of magic, as well as dealing 7 damage per hit. It also is as slow as a wooden sword, but the attack button can be held to use it multiple times. It's item description reads "A keyblade made out of wood, very basic". It can be crafted using 10 wood.

Kingdom Terrahearts Starlight Keyblade.png

Starlight Keyblade: a commonly used Keyblade that has a 3 hit combo with a magic missile combo finisher, it deals 17 damage per hit and is slightly faster than the wooden sword. It's description reads "A keyblade for common keyblade wielders".

The projectile that it casts is the same as the Amethyst Staff.
It is crafted with 10 iron or lead bars and a ruby or 5 fallen stars.

Kingdom Terrahearts Darkgnaw.png

Darkgnaw: A Keyblade originally wielded by Terra, it is an upgraded version that looks like it's made from demonite (it's the vest version, fight me).

It has a 4 hit combo that deals 15 damage and shoots a Demon Scythe projectile that lasts less than a second to dissapear at the third hit of the combo. It's description reads "A keyblade made out of darkness" (even though that's not the original description I thought it fitted more into the corruption and all that). It is crafted from 15 demonite bars and an Amethyst.

Kingdom Terrahearts Kingdom Keyblade.png

Kingdom Key: Sora's Keyblade, it is as iconic as it is hard to get in this mod.

You need one of the unique weapons Arkhalis or the Enchanted Sword and you need to use them to craft this Keyblade, losing them in the process. This Keyblade deals 35 damage with each hit, has a 4 hit combo and shoots out a magic missile projectile on the third hit. It's description reads "A keyblade made from your heart", even though you are not Sora.

Kingdom Terrahearts Jungle King Keyblade.png

Jungle King: A Keyblade from the Tarzan world, it is made with materials from the jungle and should be crafted as you look for jungle armour.

It has 4 hit combo, shooting a cloud of spores on the third swing, it deals 26 damage per hit and it's description reads "A keyblade made with the heart of nature". It is crafted using (sorry, it appears I forgot to add a crafting recipe, I had one for a similar keyblade that I switched for this).

Kingdom Terrahearts Keyblade WitchDoctor.png

Circle of Life: A Keyblade from the Pride Lands, it is sold by the Witch Doctor (and was originally going to be the Keyblade you craft alongside the jungle armour, but the Jungle King fits better).

It has a 4 hit combo, shooting a spore cloud on the third swing and it deals 30 damage per hit (I didn't change that either, meaning it's basically useless since the Dryad sells a better weapon all throughout. It's description reads "A keyblade made by an animal doctor", meaning it was probably made by Rafiki.

Kingdom Terrahearts Keyblade Destiny's Embrace.png

Destiny's Embrace: Probably the hardest to make of the bunch, this is Kairi's Keyblade, it is sold by the Dryad if you have 20 gold.

It is a 4 hit combo that shoots out a Keyblade made out of light that doesn't deal damage, but teleports you to its position of it hits anything (probably gonna nerf it later) and it deals 25 damage per hit. It's description reads "A keyblade made from the heart of a princess of light".

Other Weapons[edit | edit source]

Item sprite

The Arrowgun: Xigbar's iconic weapon, made from a flare gun, a hand gun and 13 flares. It uses 3 mana per shoot, deals 34 damage, is pretty fast and "can shoot up to 32 shots before needing to reload" (taken from here)

Save Spot[edit | edit source]

The tile's sprite when placed

This custom tile lets you change your spawn point, just like vanilla beds.
It heals your health and stamina if mobs are not nearby, making it a slight upgrade to beds. The only downside is that you can't change your spawn point unless you have a bed.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Habilities are accesories that grow stronger the more bosses you kill, at first seeming less effective than their accesories counterpart, but quickly getting stronger. Habilities are mainly based on already existing accesories and so they can easily be replaced but stacking them together is currently not a reliable choise, as habilities have been programed to feel like mobility accesories, not to stack with them.
Currently there are only 3 habilities, all mobility based:

Kingdom Terrahearts Double Jump.png

Double Jump: a simple double jump that barely gets you any height at first, but on higher levels can give a huge boost to your vertical mobility, and on level 3, it turns into a triple jump. It is pretty similar to the cloud in a bottle, but without the particle effects, and it cannot be turned into a cloud in a ballon, a Blue Horseshoe Balloon or a Bundle of Balloons.
It is crafted on a workbench with two fallen stars.

Kingdom Terrahearts Glide.png

Glide: an ability that allows you to descent at slow speeds, even lower than Featherfall Potion in vanilla. At level 3 it grants immunity to fall damage. It is similar to the Flying Carpet, requiring the jump button to be held, but it doesn't completely stop you from falling, it only slows your descent.
It is crafted on a workbench with two fallen stars.

Kingdom Terrahearts Sliding Dash.png

Sliding dash: an hability that gives you a horrizontal dash, much like the Shield of Cthulhu or the Tabi. At level 1 it gives you a slight improvement to moving speed, but not enough to dodge boss attacks and has a huge recharge time, but gets much faster and increases the evade distance the more leves you have.
It is crafted on a workbench with two fallen stars.

Kingdom Terrahearts Heal.png

Heal: an ability that allows you to get some health back by using all of your MP if you already used a potion (it needs you to have potion sickness). At level 1 it barely gives any HP, making it not as usefull as a potion. In later updates it will give the player some extra invulnerability after using it.
It is crafted on a workbench with two fallen stars.

Kingdom Terrahearts Second Chance.png

Second Chance: an ability that allows you to take a hit that would otherwise have been fatal, leaving you with 1 HP. Unlike Kingdom Hearts, it has a cooldown after usage, but on later levels it heals you, much like 358/2 days' auto-HP.
It is crafted on a workbench with two fallen stars.

Kingdom Terrahearts Max Mobility.png

Max Mobility: an ability that allows you to get the enhanced power of Glide, Double Jump and Quick Run. It gives them 3 more levels, making it essential after getting the gobling tinkerer if you already used them.
It is crafted from 1 Glide item, 1 Quick Run item and 1 Double Jump item in the tinkerer's station.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Terrahearts Shadow Heartless.png

Shadow: a small heartless that comes from darkness, it doesn't have a heart and are very weak on their own, nut with enough of this guys, it can get dangerous. They currently act like zombies, but more agressive.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Terrahearti Darkside.png

Darkside: a giant heartless that came from the darkness that Sora's light produced, usually being a first boss encounter and is not very hard to fight.

This boss has 2500 hp and can either shot out lazers from his hole in the belly, or spawn shadow heartless from the darkness in his fists. Right now it barely has any animation and his projectiles sometimes go back and damagge him if you hit them.

Darkened Heart

To summon him, you will need a darkened heart, made from 3 Lucid Shards.

Vanity items[edit | edit source]

A player with the coat

Organization Coat: "Wards off darkness and hides you from the organization". It is just a full vanity item, it works like becoming a werewolf or merewolf, but it allows you to have some stuff on top.

Tiles and Blocks[edit | edit source]

The block's item

Twilight Town Fragment: a block based on Twilight Town from KH2 onwards (technically KH COM) that has an orange brick pattern and some ground tiles.

Kingdom Terrahearts Twiligth Night Table.png

Twiligth Night Table: a workbench based on Roxas' night table. It's nothing special, it's just a workbench.

Battling Heart: an item that allows you to place a "dive to heart" in your world. It's still a work in progress, so I will upload the sprite later.

Grappling Hook[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Terrahearts Athletic Flow.png

Athletic Flow: a hook that levels up the more bosses you defeat. It can only shoot horizontally until level 5 and it can't grapple onto enemies for now.

Healing Items[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Terrahearts Kupo Coin.png

Kupo Coin: this coin revives you after death with half your max HP. You can only have one in your inventory and has a 3 minutes cooldown.