Blue Chlorophyte Storage Upgrade

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Blue Chlorophyte Storage Upgrade
  • Blue Chlorophyte Storage Upgrade item sprite
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The Blue Chlorophyte Storage Upgrade allows to upgrade a Hallowed Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngHallowed Storage Unit with 160 capacity to a Blue Chlorophyte Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngBlue Chlorophyte Storage Unit with 240 capacity. This upgrade tier can only be reached after defeating Plantera and the Golem. The "Blue Chlorophyte" name comes from how both Spectre Bar.pngSpectre Bars and Shroomite Bar.pngShroomite Bars are blue bars created from Chlorophyte Bar.pngChlorophyte Bars. Creating the blue bars require post-Plantera items (the Autohammer.pngAutohammer used to create Shroomite Bars is sold by the Truffle only after Plantera is defeated, and the Ectoplasm.pngEctoplasm needed to create Spectre Bars is dropped by Dungeon Spirits that only spawn after Plantera's defeat. The Beetle Husk.pngBeetle Husk is a drop from the Golem.

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