Luminite Storage Unit

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Luminite Storage Unit
  • Luminite Storage Unit item sprite
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TypeFurnitureCrafting material
RarityRarity Level: 10
Sell2 Gold Coin.png 50 Silver Coin.png

The Luminite Storage Unit is an upgraded Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngStorage Unit. As such, it serves as a container for a storage system, however, its content cannot be seen directly: instead, all the content from all connected Storage Units are seen together in the storage system's Storage Heart (Magic Storage).pngStorage Heart, a connected Storage Access (Magic Storage).pngStorage Access, or a Remote Storage Access (Magic Storage).pngRemote Storage Access. Items are still technically stored in the Luminite Storage Unit, however, and the unit is therefore protected from mining as long as it contains items. A Storage Unit Wand (Magic Storage).pngStorage Unit Wand can be used to deactivate a Luminite Storage Unit, allowing to empty it and then mine it, for example in order to upgrade it to the next tier, Terra Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngTerra Storage Unit.

Tier Material Capacity Sell
Rarity Level: 0 Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngBasic 40 6 Silver Coin.png
Rarity Level: 1 Crimtane Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngCrimtane / Demonite Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngDemonite 80 32 Silver Coin.png
Rarity Level: 2 Hellstone Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngHellstone 120 50 Silver Coin.png
Rarity Level: 4 Hallowed Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngHallowed 160 1 Gold Coin.png
Rarity Level: 7 Blue Chlorophyte Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngBlue Chlorophyte 240 1 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png
Rarity Level: 10 Luminite Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngLuminite 320 2 Gold Coin.png 5 Silver Coin.png
Rarity Level: 11 Terra Storage Unit (Magic Storage).pngTerra 640 12 Silver Coin.png

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