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The Orchid Mod adds 7 new crafting materials, nearly all of which are used to craft items for the Shaman class.

If the Thorium Mod is enabled, 1 new crafting material is added.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Empty Tiara (Orchid Mod).png Empty Tiara Always available Iron Bar.png / Lead Bar.png (10)   @   Iron Anvil.png / Lead Anvil.png 1
Ancient Fossil (Orchid Mod).png Ancient Fossil Always available Ancient Fossil structure
Harpy Talon (Orchid Mod).png Harpy Talon Eye of Cthulhu is defeated Harpy.pngHarpy 1
Vampiric Membrane (Orchid Mod).png Vampiric Membrane Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png Viscount is defeated Viscount (Orchid Mod).pngViscount 30

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Material Availability Obtained from Amount
Ritual Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Ritual Scepter Wall of Flesh is defeated Sold by Witch Doctor.pngWitch Doctor 1
Broken Hero Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Broken Hero Scepter All Mechanical Bosses are defeated Mothron.pngMothron 1
Lihzahrd Silk (Orchid Mod).png Lihzahrd Silk Plantera is defeated Lihzahrd.pngLihzahrd 1
Abyss Fragment (Orchid Mod).png Abyss Fragment Lunatic Cultist is defeated Lunatic Cultist.pngLunatic Cultist 12-60 / 18-90
Orchid Mod
Adorned Branch (Orchid Mod).png Weapons • Harpy Tunic (Orchid Mod).png Armor • Molten Ring (Orchid Mod).png Accessories • Mineshaft Pickaxe (Orchid Mod).png Tools • Shamanic Empowerment Potion (Orchid Mod).png Potions • Miners Lockbox (Orchid Mod).png Furniture • Lihzahrd Silk (Orchid Mod).png Crafting materials • Copper Key (Orchid Mod).png Miscellaneous
Storm Spirit (Orchid Mod).png Enemies • Empowerment Attack (filled) (Orchid Mod).png Mechanics ( Shamanic Empowerment (Orchid Mod).png Buffs • Nuisance (Orchid Mod).png Debuffs )