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The Orchid Mod adds 2 new debuffs tied to the Shaman class.

Shaman[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Source Effect Tooltip Duration
Broken Present (Orchid Mod).png Broken Present Fragile Present, Sinister Present Reduces the effectiveness of all your shamanic empowerments
Nullifies the positive effects of the fragile and sinister present accessories
15 seconds

Nuisance (Orchid Mod).png Nuisance Mana Sickness
  • Shamanic damage reduced by 15%
  • Reduces the duration of all Empowerments by 10 seconds
Shamanic damage reduced by 15%
Your shamanic empowerments will fade out a lot faster
Infinite while Mana Sickness is active and player has active shamanic empowerments
Orchid Mod
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