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Empowerments are a mechanic associated with the Shaman class in the Orchid Mod. When dealing damage with shamanic weapons, the player will gain empowerments based on the weapon used, which increase certain stats. By default, there are 5 levels available for each empowerment, but with the use of certain equipment and items, the player can add bonus levels to that count.

Empowerments, aside from increasing stats, also may augment the stats or effects of certain shamanic weapons, or trigger the activation of certain shamanic accessories' effects.

Types[edit | edit source]

Empowerment Attack (filled) (Orchid Mod).png Attack[edit | edit source]

The Attack empowerment increases the player's shamanic damage by 4% per level.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Level From
I Enchanted Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Enchanted Scepter
Vile Spout (Orchid Mod).png Vile Spout
Blood Caller (Orchid Mod).png Blood Caller
II Spore Caller (Orchid Mod).png Spore Caller
Coalesced Conduit (Orchid Mod).png Coalesced Conduit Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Depths Baton (Orchid Mod).png Depths Baton
III Corrupt Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Corrupt Scepter
Ichor Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Ichor Scepter
Gate to the Fallen (Orchid Mod).png Gate to the Fallen Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Sanctify (Orchid Mod).png Sanctify
IV True Depths Baton (Orchid Mod).png True Depths Baton
True Sanctify (Orchid Mod).png True Sanctify
Terra Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Terra Scepter
V Abyss Stormcaller (Orchid Mod).png Abyss Stormcaller

Empowerment Defense (filled) (Orchid Mod).png Defense[edit | edit source]

The Defense empowerment increases the player's defense by 4% per level.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Level From
I Amethyst Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Amethyst Scepter
Topaz Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Topaz Scepter
Opal Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Opal Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Onyx Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Onyx Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Sapphire Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Sapphire Scepter
Emerald Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Emerald Scepter
Ruby Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Ruby Scepter
Diamond Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Diamond Scepter
Magma Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Magma Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
II Meteor Phasestaff (Orchid Mod).png Meteor Phasestaff
Perishing Soul (Orchid Mod).png Perishing Soul
Monowai (Orchid Mod).png Monowai Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Orbital Minefield (Orchid Mod).png Orbital Minefield Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
III Cobalt Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Cobalt Scepter
Palladium Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Palladium Scepter
Mythril Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Mythril Scepter
Orichalcum Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Orichalcum Scepter
Draconic Wrath (Orchid Mod).png Draconic Wrath Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Symbiosis Catalyst (Orchid Mod).png Symbiosis Catalyst Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Adamantite Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Adamantite Scepter
Titanium Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Titanium Scepter
Lodestone Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Lodestone Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Valadium Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Valadium Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
IV Titan Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Titan Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Chlorophyte Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Chlorophyte Scepter
Ice Flake (Orchid Mod).png Ice Flake
V Abyss Precinct (Orchid Mod).png Abyss Precinct

Empowerment Crit (filled) (Orchid Mod).png Critical Strike Chance[edit | edit source]

The Critical Strike Chance empowerment increases the player's shamanic critical strike chance by 4% per level.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Level From
I Scepter of Starpower (Orchid Mod).png Scepter of Starpower
Ice Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Ice Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Thorium Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Thorium Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
II Shadowflame Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Shadowflame Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Blum (Orchid Mod).png Blum
Fire Bat Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Fire Bat Scepter
III Molten Bomb (Orchid Mod).png Molten Bomb Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Wyvern Moray (Orchid Mod).png Wyvern Moray
Goblin Stick (Orchid Mod).png Goblin Stick
IV Reviver of Souls (Orchid Mod).png Reviver of Souls
Ecliptic Flare (Orchid Mod).png Ecliptic Flare Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
V Nirvana (Orchid Mod).png Nirvana

Empowerment Regen (filled) (Orchid Mod).png Life Regeneration[edit | edit source]

The Life Regeneration empowerment increases the player's life regeneration by 2 per level.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Level From
I Adorned Branch (Orchid Mod).png Adorned Branch
Amber Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Amber Scepter
Festering Fork (Orchid Mod).png Festering Fork Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Shadow Weaver (Orchid Mod).png Shadow Weaver
Spine Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Spine Scepter
II Orchid Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Orchid Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Jellyfish Dynamizer (Orchid Mod).png Jellyfish Dynamizer Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
The Hive (Orchid Mod).png The Hive
Chiroptera (Orchid Mod).png Chiroptera Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
III Prismatic Resonator (Orchid Mod).png Prismatic Resonator
Isis' Command (Orchid Mod).png Isis' Command Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Light Concentrator (Orchid Mod).png Light Concentrator
Prime's Laser (Orchid Mod).png Prime's Laser Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
IV Naga Fizzler (Orchid Mod).png Naga Fizzler Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Bulb Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Bulb Scepter
Berserker Wrath (Orchid Mod).png Berserker Wrath Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Sun Ray (Orchid Mod).png Sun Ray
Will of the Lurker (Orchid Mod).png Will of the Lurker Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
V The Core (Orchid Mod).png The Core

Empowerment Move (filled) (Orchid Mod).png Movement Speed[edit | edit source]

The Movement Speed empowerment increases the player's movement speed by 5% per level.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Level From
I Avalanche Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Avalanche Scepter
Thunder Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Thunder Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Ancient Fossil Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Ancient Fossil Scepter
II Feather Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Feather Scepter
Aquaite Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Aquaite Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Fibula (Orchid Mod).png Fibula Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Basilisk's Fang (Orchid Mod).png Basilisk's Fang Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
III Rune Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Rune Scepter
Geode Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Geode Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Taiga Truncheon (Orchid Mod).png Taiga Truncheon Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Pirates Glory (Orchid Mod).png Pirates Glory
Prime's Laser (Orchid Mod).png Prime's Laser Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
IV Reliquary Candle (Orchid Mod).png Reliquary Candle Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Boom Shroom (Orchid Mod).png Boom Shroom
Martian Beamer (Orchid Mod).png Martian Beamer
V Terrarium Scepter (Orchid Mod).png Terrarium Scepter Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png
Abyssal armor (Orchid Mod).png Abyssal armor(Set bonus)
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