Ores & Bars

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Ore Bar Source Obtainable in... Value
- Bronze Bar (Phantom Mod).pngBronze Bar
ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Bronze Bar (Phantom Mod).pngBronze Bar
Refining Forge (Phantom Mod).pngRefining Forge
Pre-Hardmode 75 Copper Coin.png
- Antimatter Copper Bar (Phantom Mod).pngAntimatter Copper Bar

Copper Ore.pngCopper Ore in Extractinator.pngExtractinator for 0.025%(Anyway, it's very low.)

Pre-Hardmode, but good luck. 1 Copper Coin.png
Frost Core.pngFrost Core Frost Bar (Phantom Mod).pngFrost Bar
ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Frost Bar (Phantom Mod).pngFrost Bar (4)
Hardmode 25 Silver Coin.png
- Illushadow Bar (Phantom Mod).pngIllushadow Bar

Drop: Map Icon Skeletron Prime.pngMap Icon Retinazer (first form).pngMap Icon Spazmatism (first form).pngMap Icon The Destroyer.pngMechanical Bosses
Quantity:10-30/20-35 Rate:100%

Hardmode 50 Silver Coin.png
- Wrought Iron Bar (Phantom Mod).pngWrought Iron Bar


Hardmode (post-Plantera) 5 Gold Coin.png
Ancient Fossil Ore (Phantom Mod).pngAncient Fossil Ore
Can be mined by Gold Pickaxe.pngGold PickaxeBut you can only blow it up
after you defeat

Map Icon Golem.png

Soul Stone Bar (Phantom Mod).pngSoul Stone Bar
ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Soul Stone Bar (Phantom Mod).pngSoul Stone Bar (4)
Refining Forge (Phantom Mod).pngRefining Forge
Hardmode (post-Golem) 7 Gold Coin.png 50 Silver Coin.png 25 Copper Coin.png
Bright Crystal (Phantom Mod).pngBright Crystal Sky Dimension Bar (Phantom Mod).pngSky Dimension Bar post-Moon Lord 10 Gold Coin.png