Rare Items

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Treasure Bag.gif Expert Mode-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Rare Item Source Info Obtainable Pre-Hardmode Hardmode Post-Moonlord Visible on
Leafabyss (Phantom Mod).pngLeafabyss from any NPCs inBestiary The Jungle.pngJunglefor 2% Damage:10 Pre-Hardmode  
Symphony of Illusion (Phantom Mod).pngSymphony of Illusion from any NPCs inBestiary The Dungeon.pngDungeonfor 2% Damage:40 Pre-Hardmode  
Blood of Ancient Gods (Phantom Mod).pngBlood of Ancient Gods from any NPCs inOld One's Army Icon.pngOld One's Armyfor 2% damage:50 Hardmode
Thornspine Cannon (Phantom Mod).pngThornspine Cannon defeat Map Icon Plantera (first form).pngPlanterafor 2% damage:50 Three mode,1 for cannon,2 for gun,3 for pet
(which means you can equip it in the pet bar)

For the third mode,You can rebound part of the
damage to the enemies.

Arctic Claymore (Phantom Mod).pngArctic Claymore from Map Icon Ice Queen.pngIce Queenfor
wave10-19 for 0.67%
wave20 for 1%
Out of frost for 12.5%.
Judgment of Galaxy (Phantom Mod).pngJudgment of Galaxy defeat Map Icon Stardust Pillar.pngMap Icon Nebula Pillar.pngMap Icon Vortex Pillar.pngMap Icon Solar Pillar.pngfor 2% Hardmode
Rage of Etheria (Phantom Mod).pngRage of Etheria Hardmode
Chiyou the Savage Cannon (Phantom Mod).pngChiyou the Savage Cannon Hardmode