The Etherworld

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Etherworld (Phantom Mod).png

In The EtherWorld, the world will become extremely dark.Player's life recovery speed reduced ,but reduce your damage by 15%.Player increase of moving speed and digging speed.

Difficulty Increases[edit | edit source]

All NPCs turn black and be half-transparent, what's more,most Zombies,Skeletons,Mummy and so on who will have illusion images on the other side, just likeMap Icon Brain of Cthulhu.pngBrain of Cthulhu'second phase in Expert Mode.

Enhance[edit | edit source]

Original edition Enhance Extra Drops Obtainable
Any NPCs n/a 6.25%Ether Coin (Phantom Mod).pngEther Coin
Green Slime.pngMost Slimes Whose AI will replaced with AI of Herpling.png n/a Pre-Hardmode
Wall of Flesh Mouth.pngWall of Flesh n/a 10.0%Awakening Scroll (Phantom Mod).pngAwakening Scroll Pre-Hardmode
Alien Queen.pngAlien Queen n/a 6.25%Star Storm (Phantom Mod).pngStar Storm Hardmode
Milkyway Weaver (Head).pngMilkyway Weaver n/a 6.25%Shine of Stardust (Phantom Mod).pngShine of Stardust Hardmode
Selenian.pngSelenian n/a 6.25%Solar Claymore (Phantom Mod).pngSolar Claymore Hardmode
Brain Suckler.pngBrain Suckler n/a 6.25%Nebula Bow (Phantom Mod).pngNebula Bow Hardmode