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The Traveler's Journal can be bought from the Traveler. After killing a Pinkymod enemy, their file will appear with a small bit of lore.

Bossses:[edit | edit source]

Enemy Entry
Sunlight Trader The Sunlight Trader. Appears to have no name, not that I can discern one anyways. In fact, the Sunlight Trader is simply the name given to the indigenous, hooded merchants that travel from desert town to desert town, peddling their wares. They follow a very strict code of conduct. This includes a no-interaction policy. By right, they are not allowed to help or hinder others, and the only interactions they are permitted to do amongst themselves and when trading with others. Yet this Sunlight Trader, he violates all of these codes, At the rate he is going, I am certain he had been expelled by his clan and all others long ago. He isn't so lonely, though. That giant bird still flies with him wherever he goes. I'm not quite sure about his motives. He seems to want to bring justice to a land that is notorious for being unable to keep law for more than a year. He wants peace, based on those writings, yet he takes up a spear and bow and draws blood in order to achieve it. Surely he knows how ironic that is? Or perhaps I am not seeing something, maybe that's the only way he can move on in life? I don't know, I really don't. And he won't speak a sound too, not even a grunt when being sliced at. I guess we will never know some things...
Sunlight Trader Giant mutated vulture. It is of an unknown subspecies, but boy is that Sunlight Trader lucky to get one of these guys as his pet. I would love to ride the skies on the back of a firebending bird of death. This magnificent creature I admire alot, the armor the Trader made it wear weighed at least half it's weight, yet it could still fly and fight. And it's utmost loyalty and devotion, even til the second of it's death, it remained the companion of that Trader. I cannot imagine how long the Trader had spent with his bird, for a creature to develop such close connection with another outside their race. It is unprecedented. Perhaps it was under magical influence? Perhaps it was enslaved or forced into submission? No. This can't be. The creature was wholeheartedly and truly a faithful beast. It has gained my respect. A giant bird is more trustworthy than thousands of men fighting in the Great Desert for control over the land and ultimately personal wealth. And yet we call ourselves more intelligent...
Heart of the Cavern Ancient cavern diety. I have read about it in my books back in the day when that was my forte. The Heart of the Cavern, known by many other names such as Rock of Plenty, Bringer of Fortune, the Cavegod, Father Illuminator and so on. If the legends are true, ti was created by none other than the Moon Lord to answer the prayers of his cultists, to shower them with unlimited wealth. But you know, religious figures seeking unending wealth never ends well. A unspoken tragedy occured, ending with the Heart being buried underground deep within the ranges or Sanchon Coast Mountain, supposedly. As for those cultists... Only one lived to pass the tale on. I wonder if the Medium knows anything of them, heh.
Mythril Slime A slime gone horribly, horribly wrong. Few history books mention such an event, but those that do refer to the creation of the Mythril Slime as the greatest robotic success and failure at the same time. For good reason. The Slime was created by the 1.1.2-era Slime Army engineers are mages. If you know anything about Slimes at that time, they were a bunch of bloodthirsty creatures hellbent on the annihilations of the Terrarian Race as revenge. Lord Pinky herself commissioned the creation of a 'Mechanical Slime' of the finest materials, strong enough to handle a army of men by itself but not stupid enough to charge headfirst into said army. The result wasn't so impressive, but a decade later, some other indie scientists got hold of the plans to Mythril Slime and tried recreating it with modern tech. Oh, and it worked. But soon, Mythril Slime gained full sentience and fell into an existential crisis of machine proportions. And everyone died, yeah. So now, we have one rogue Mythril Slime in the wild, running around different islands and murdering everything on it's path, long lost it's sanity. A rather sad tale, but even sadder are all those innocent goblins and slimes that died int he (yes it's an actual type on the lore) wake of this terror. I have to thank that Terrarian for putting the rogue mech to rest once and for all.
Valdaris chicken wings Acting ruler of the entirety of Harpykind. Valdaris is known by is terrarians as the only sane birdman left up in the sky. He is the biological brother of King Scifly, and unlike him, was born without those... mental conditions. After the near annihilation of the Harpy Race, Valdaris made a pact with a godly being to create a cloning machine and restart the Harpy race. However, Scifly insisted on being cloned and well, all Harpies thereafter were born with some form of mental condition. Valdaris alone is the only Harpy without anything wrong it seems, and it is because of this that he is stigmatised. In the kingdom of the blind, the One Eyed Man is not the king, it seems. Val continues to do his duty behind the scenes anyways, while some other insufferable featherbrain steals the credit. I wonder how the other Harpies are doing without this guy.
Dungeon Constructor Enigmatic figure who claims to have built upon the Dungeon, making it into the massive thing we know today. Perhaps the greatest sorcerer to ever live, and definitely the oldest living one, Over the centuries, his body has literally crumbled to dust, only held together through intense and unending magicks. His skull however, has been lost and it appears to have been replaced by that of a strange, alien being, I can't find archives of any sort indicating who he might have been before his undeath centuries ago. I reckon he was already a power mage back then, perhaps even the strongest of his age. He must have been a powerful and infallible warrior. How he became a skeleton in the first place puzzles me.
Final Gatekeeper Twin worms of dooooom. They are born by sheer magical might and the mind of the Dungeon Constructor. At some point, the Hornets managed to capture the master of the Undeadkind and forced him to construct the Destroyer for them. Let's just say, during those times, the Constructor was tortured brutally and subjected to terrible things. It was then when the corruption of his mind began, as his thoughts became more twisted and generally messed up. After being pushed to breaking point in creating a giant mechanical worm, his mind could not even take itself off the figures of giant worms even as he rested. No. The Gatekeepers were born there and then, as a dark and perverted mirror of the perfect killing machine that the Hornets wanted him to create, but one he was unable to do so in real life. Given the nature of the Void and how it exists within the minds of whatever has fallen to it's influence, the Gatekeepers persisted on and became even stronger when the Constructor finally went insane. They thrive on the deaths of conscious minds, and revel in the deep darkness of the great beyond. When the Terrarian performed that god-awful ritual, I think the Gatekeepers found a way to break out into realspace. They are gone now, though. I feel a parasitic burden has been removed from Terraria.
Mind God Ancient being of utter and absolute powah. One of the living Presiding Gods, and dominator of the Mindscapes. The Mind God is said to have experienced human emotions before, unlike all other Presiding Gods save for a few, and because it is the lord of mind, it was most drasitcally affected. After bonding with a Terrarian who was later sacrificed and killed in 'it's honour', it slowly started descending into a abyss. It was from the Mind God that the warped realm known as the Void was born. Of course, the Mind God was the first victim of it's new creation, but it was not the one most alterred. Sure, it went insane and all that, as is the fate of anything the Void has sowed it's seeds into. But the Mind God is still a god, and after all those years, no matter how much of a husk it is of it's former self, it still has a spark of life within it. This spawk is it's devotion to his former bond, the Terrarian and it is what is preventing him from becoming Void Incarnate and retaining a tangible form.