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The Pinkymod add several new buffs and debuffs to the game causing a variety of positive and negative effects to the player and enemies ranging from increasing flight time to allowing all enemies to inflict Dark Damage.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Agility (Pinkymod).png Agility Increases jump height and fall speed by 25% Increased jump height and fall speed by 25%
Eww... you can still taste the goop squid mucous...
Darkened Soul (Pinkymod).png Darkened Soul Increases Dark Damage by 18% Increased affinity with the darkness
Durendial Might (Pinkymod).png Durendial Might Increases damage by 12% Greatly increased all damage
Eternal Vigilance (Pinkymod).png Eternal Vigilance Increases damage by 15% and damage reduction by 10% all damage increased by 15%, endurance increased by 10%
Flameshine (Pinkymod).png Flameshine Increases life regeneration by 6 and causes the player to emit light Greatly increased life regeneration and luminescence
Galewinds (Pinkymod).png Galewinds Increases movement speed and acceleration by 25%, jump height by 40% and flight time by 1 second In harmony with the wind
Invigorated (Pinkymod).png Invigorated Increases max health by 10% You feel strength surge through you!
Ironheart (Pinkymod).png Ironheart Increases defense by 15 Increased defense by 15
Manaforce (Pinkymod).png Manaforce Increases max mana by 80 Your maximum mana is increased
Nanorepair (Pinkymod).png Nanorepair Nanites Injection effect is charging Hardening in response to physical trauma...
Noble Hearts (Pinkymod).png Noble Hearts Massively increased life regeneration Your heart feels sweetened
Pandaen Commander's Visor (buff) (Pinkymod).png Pandaen Commander's Visor (buff) Increases summon damage the longer you don't take damage with a maximum of 18% Minion damage is increased by 0.0! Does not require resummoning of minions to take effect
Pandaen Phase (Pinkymod).png Pandaen Phase Increased damage reduction by 60% Damage taken is reduced by 60%. It's just a phase, but you wish it wasn't
Potatoskin (Pinkymod).png Potatoskin Increases defense by 6 Increased defense by 6
Seaweed Boost! (Pinkymod).png Seaweed Boost! Increases movement speed and damage reaction by 5% and increases life regeneration by 1 Increases endurance and movement speed by 5%, life regen by 1
Soulforce (Pinkymod).png Soulforce Increases max health and mana by 25% Increased max mana and life by 25%
Weapon Imbue - Chaos (Pinkymod).png Weapon Imbue - Chaos Causes Melee weapons to inflict Chaos Flames Melee attacks inflict Chaos Flames on enemies

Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Tooltip
Ambience of Unease... (Pinkymod).png Ambience of Unease... Any enemy has a random chance to deal Dark Damage Something is not quite right
Chaos Flames (Pinkymod).png Chaos Flames You've become an unholy bonfire
Corruption (Pinkymod).png Corruption Your flesh starts to rot
None Crimson's Calamity This debuff isn't meant for YOU to have!
Crippled (Pinkymod).png Crippled Decreased damage and defense!
None Dark Loathing Dark Damage life regeneration is blocked You cannot regenerate Dark Damage Life!
Divine Guilt (Pinkymod).png Divine Guilt You feel your sins crawling on your back...
Evil Gaze (Pinkymod).png Evil Gaze An evil presence is definitely STARING at you!
Fungal Poison (Pinkymod).png Fungal Poison Fungal mycelium is growing towards your wounds...
Groundslam Recharge (Pinkymod).png Groundslam Recharge Blocks usage use the Meteor Sabaton Your feet kinda hurt
Hallowstone's Wrath (Pinkymod).png Hallowstone's Wrath The king wishes you dead...
Haunted Terror (Pinkymod).png Haunted Terror Spoooooooky
Illusion Broken (Pinkymod).png Illusion Broken Blocks usage of the Illusion Breaking Bit The power you yield is clearly not meant for mortals...
Lacerating (Pinkymod).png Lacerating
Magical Jelly Exhaustion (Pinkymod).png Magical Jelly Exhaustion Your slimes cannot absorb the next attack for you!
Nanite Fatigue (Pinkymod).png Nanite Fatigue Blocks usage of the Nanites Injection You cannot inject Nanites!
Pandaenmonium (debuff) (Pinkymod).png Pandaenmonium Your defenses are smashed!
Your HP is being drained!
Rocket Cooldown (Pinkymod).png Rocket Cooldown Blocks usage of Bottled Rockets You cannot use bottled rockets!
Shadeflames (Pinkymod).png Shadeflames Valdaris is angry...
Shadowflame.png Shadow Drain Shadowflame courses through your blood...
Shadowflame.png Shadow Weak You feel like collapsing
Sorrow Sickness (Pinkymod).png Sorrow Sickness Blocks usage of the Stone of Sorrows You need a break from feel down...
Starcrest Recharge (Pinkymod).png Starcrest Recharge Blocks usage of the Starcrest Shield Your Starcrest Shield is recharging
You've been Gnomed! (Pinkymod).png You've been Gnomed! Exponentially increases the spawn rate of Gnomes Spawnrate of gnomes increased per stack. Current stack: