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Composting is a new mechanic added by Pinkymod that allows the creation of the Compost, which is an item that Carbon Truffle Pods, Lunic Star Spores and Avalon Seeds must be planted on or can be made into Compost Fertiliser to quickly grow Herbs and Trees. Composting can also be used to duplicate Worms for a renewable source of Fishing Bait.

Composting[edit | edit source]

Making Compost requires a Composting Bin and is fairly simple to do. After opening the Barrel you will see this GUI

Composting GUI (Pinkymod).png

Simply place Worms in the center of the barrel and any item that says it "can be composted" in it's tooltip in the left slots and over time they will be consumed and the resulting Compost will appear in right slots, the stack of Worms in the center will also increase as the process goes on.

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