Experiment Hall

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The Experiment Hall found in the Dungeon.

The Experiment Hall is a structure generated upon world creation found at the lowest point of the Dungeon. It is research lab of The Dungeon Constructor and where the Mind Portal is located, allowing entrance to The Void if the player has the acquired the Mind Seal.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Experiment Hall
Characters Unique Drops


Dungeon Constructor (Pinkymod).pngThe Dungeon Constructor(Boss)

From The Dungeon Constructor:

Rogue Memory (Pinkymod).pngRogue Memory
Stave of the Dungeon Constructor (Pinkymod).pngStave of the Dungeon Constructor
Mind Seal (Pinkymod).pngMind Seal

From Dungeon Chests:

Broken Hero Blade (Pinkymod).pngBroken Hero Blade
DAY 3752 (Pinkymod).pngDAY 3752
DAY 3768 (Pinkymod).pngDAY 3768
DAY 3770 (Pinkymod).pngDAY 3770

From The Environment:

Dungeon Crate.pngDungeon Crate
Crystal Ball.pngCrystal Ball
Alchemy Table.pngAlchemy Table
Bewitching Table.pngBewitching Table
Worm Boss Indicator (Pinkymod).pngWorm Boss Indicator
Overly-Detailed Chicken Scratch (Pinkymod).pngOverly-Detailed Chicken Scratch

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A Crystal Ball is located within the Experiment Hall allowing it to be obtained in Pre-Hardmode
  • If the world was created without the mod being enabled the Experiment Hall will be generated upon using the Strange Pendant for the first time